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365 Think & Talk

This book consists of total 8 chapters and there are 3 interesting units in each chapter along with Vocabulary Check Up, Reading, Comprehension Questions, Discussion, Vocabulary Review (Synonym & Antonym ) and Summary.

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365 Think & Talk

This communicative interaction, the essential component of language acquisition, does not occur in a typical non-meaningful fun-oriented conversation with native speakers. It occurs in a negotiated interaction through which a well-trained teacher provides the comprehensible input that is appropriate to the learners. The learners at the same time actively utilize these opportunities given to them by the teachers. For this end, the Communicative Language Learning (CLL) method is employed in the field of Second Language Acquisition.

365 Think & Talk

The CLL provides the activities that are geared toward using language pragmatically, authentically and functionally with the intention of achieving meaningful purposes. Business Basics series are designed based on the CLL method. Through the process of CLL, Carrot English aims at the improvement of the learners’ communicative competence, that is speaking, and writing; and considers it as our ultimate goal…

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