Elementary Novels

A Gentle Touch by Brennan Frank

Jamie was surprised to feel that the touch of the needle was not painful, but soft and almost imperceptible. Two more needles pierced his left ear. The young man was sitting in the acupuncture office in a comfortable chair and looking out of the window while Mr. Lo was treating him. Jamie looked at the sunlight, the trees and the tourists who were leisurely strolling and buying snacks. The people were wearing bright summer T-shirts, not warm coats. Staring out the window was nice. Jamie did not regret going to Singapore. Previously, from the window of his office he could see only gray gloomy streets. He drank strong coffee and looked forward to the end of the next day. He also smoked a lot, and now he decided to quit. For this he needed the help of Mr. Lo. Life was changing for the better.

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A Gentle Touch by Brennan Frank

The touch of Mr Los needle felt gentle as a feather as it was stuck into Jamie’s right ear. Jamie was surprised that he felt no pain, only a little itch. That wasn’t too bad. He did not complain as two more needles were put into position. Then the same was done to his left ear. Jamie was left to relax for a while as the needles did their work. Mr Lo read a magazine and Jamie, though conscious of the needles hanging from his ears, sat in his chair and stared through the windows.

A Gentle Touch by Brennan Frank

He saw bright sunlight, bright colours and streets lined with trees and many kinds of brilliant flowers. He could see tourists buying delicious snacks from street sellers. Shops displayed everything from pots and pans to paper toys, often outside where curious shoppers could see more easily. Everywhere he looked it seemed there were large paper signs in letters of red and gold advertising the latest festival. People were not dressed for the cold and wet, they were wearing light summer clothes and only wore hats to shade themselves from the sun.

Jamie thought about his life as it had been only two weeks before. He thought of the views he had then from his office windows: the grey winter skies, the wet crowded streets and the few miserable leafless trees which lined the streets of the London suburb he worked in. At five in the evening he would have been looking forward to the end of his working day at the small college where he had taught Business Studies for the last ten years. He would be lighting up his twentieth cigarette since breakfast and looking forward to another cup of strong coffee before he finally went back to his lonely apartment. He had been bored, bored, bored. His whole life had felt grey.

How completely different that was from the view which now met his eyes!

Jamie Russell was glad he had moved to Singapore…

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