A Mountain Accident by Clare Gray

A Mountain Accident by Clare Gray

It was a nice summer day. The hard working week was finally over and Aaron Ralston enjoyed the fresh air and clear skies during a leisurely walk. The guy stopped to listen to the silence of the mountains. He wondered how pleasant and good his life was. At this moment a collapse began. The huge stones fell on him and Aaron did not have time to escape. After a few seconds, his hand was pressed with a heavy piece of rock. Aaron remained calm, even though the pain was terrible. He knew how to survive in the wildlife and knew what he should do. Aaron had a small supply of food, a penknife, and willpower. This story is about a man who survived a terrible ordeal, but came home alive. Later, an interesting movie was made about this situation.

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A Mountain Accident by Clare Gray

Aron pulled his arm, carefully at first, and then more strongly, but it did not come free.

It was a beautiful spring day and 27-year-old Aron Ralston was walking in the mountains after a hard week at work. The air was fresh, and the sun was high in the sky. Aron stopped walking to listen to the silence of the mountains. “This is wonderful,” he thought. “No work or noise. Only beautiful country around me.

As he continued on his way, he heard a low noise. He looked up quickly at the mountainside above him-but he was too late. Large pieces of rock were falling toward him and he could not escape quickly enough. The earth was moving, and the noise was terrible. In seconds, Aron’s arm was caught under a rock that weighed 500 kilos.

The pain was terrible, but Aron stayed calm. He knew a lot about the mountains. He knew how to live in the wildest and most dangerous open spaces. He pulled his arm, carefully at first, and then more strongly, but it did not come free. Next, he pushed the rock as hard as possible. Again-nothing. It was getting dark. Aron ate a small amount of food and drank some of his water. He wanted to keep strong, get some rest, and try again in the morning.

A Mountain Accident by Clare Gray

After a difficult night’s sleep, Aron thought carefully about his problem. Today was Sunday, a popular day for walking. He decided to wait for help to arrive. He looked hopefully up and down the narrow mountain path, but the mountains were empty and silent. The morning passed and the sun moved to the west. By late afternoon it was too late for walkers. Aron needed a different plan.

Using his climbing equipment, he tried to move the rock. He tried a number of different ways, but it was too heavy. Next, he took his pocket knife and tried to break away small pieces of the rock near his arm. “This will destroy my good knife,” he thought, “but my life is more important!” But the knife failed to cut even the smallest piece of rock. Aron knew that he was really caught. He made himself as comfortable as possible for another lonely night.

Aron had enough water and food with him for a day’s walk. But it was day three now and the food was almost finished. He only had enough for one more small meal. In his mind, a difficult and dangerous plan was growing, but he did not want to try yet.

It was Tuesday morning. After three difficult nights in the mountains, Aron was tired and hungry. He drank the last of his water and thought carefully. Now he knew that he had to cut off his arm. He took his knife from his pocket and bravely put the metal against his skin. He pressed down hard and began to cut. But after his work on the rock, the knife was not sharp. “I couldn’t even cut the hair off my arm,” he explained to newspaper reporters later…

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