Novels Pre-intermediate

A Picture to Remember by Sarah Scott Malden

Christina Rinaldi works at the National Museum. She loves her work and art is her great interest. In the morning, the director of the museum calls her to his office. There is an important job for her to do: the famous Paris museum wants to send several expensive paintings to Buenos Aires. These artworks are need to be met and accompanied. Christina happily agrees. She herself wants to see these canvases in her hometown. Christina’s mood is great for the rest of the day. This exhibition promises to be be very interesting. After work, Christine gets on her motorcycle and leaves the museum. The day is warm and pleasant. But on the way, she meets an armed man with an unusual bright tattoo around his neck. He notices the motorcyclist. Christina realizes that soon she will have new problems. It’s time to forget about the paintings.

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A Picture to Remember by Sarah Scott Malden

At eleven o’clock one morning the director of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, Leonardo Martinez, asked Cristina Rinaldi to come into his office.

‘I want to talk to you about an important job I’d like you to do, Cristina. I think you’ll be interested in it.’

‘Of course. What is it?’

A Picture to Remember by Sarah Scott Malden

‘A museum in Paris wants to send some Impressionist paintings to Buenos Aires. I spoke to the Paris museum director, Philippe Maudet, this morning and he’s interested in using our museum to show the paintings. It’s an important job. Would you like to do it?’

‘Of course I would. Great! You know I’d love to see Impressionist paintings here in the museum,’ answered Cristina.

‘Good. I want you to begin work as soon as you can,’ the director said. ‘There is a lot you’ll need to do.’

Cristina felt good all day. She loved Impressionist paintings. This new exhibition was wonderful. She couldn’t wait to begin.

After work Cristina got onto her motorbike outside the museum. She was feeling good. She had an important new job, the sun was warm on her back and it was the start of spring weather in the city of Buenos Aires. Maybe tomorrow she could leave her jacket at home. This year September was warm, and people were already talking about a hot summer. Cristina started her motorbike and felt the warm air on her face as she rode along Avenida del Libertador. She never wore a helmet because she liked the feeling of the wind in her long hair. But her father didn’t know that. She remembered his words when he gave her the new motorbike: ‘always wear your helmet, Cristina – every time you ride!’ She hoped her father would never see her without it

Every day at this time Cristina rode down Avenida del Libertador to the gym at the Recoleta Health Club. Her day’s work at the museum was finished and she was free. She usually forgot about her work as she rode down the Avenida. But today was a little different. She couldn’t stop thinking about her new job.

Cristina began to slow down for the traffic lights. The traffic in the city center was terrible. She didn’t work far from the gym but the road had so many traffic lights. She stopped and looked into the car next to her. She saw two men in the car. She couldn’t believe her eyes. One of the men had a gun. Then he looked out of the window at Cristina. She looked into his eyes, into his dark brown eyes and for a moment the man looked back. Then he turned his head and she saw a tattoo of a flower, a red poppy, on his neck…

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