A Shot in the Night by Ridley Andrew

A Shot in the Night by Ridley Andrew

A father and his daughter are going to rest in a farm, far away from a loud city. The father is a detective inspector Rush. But he introduced himself as a bank employee to the housekeepers. The behavior of the house owners seemed quite strange to the policeman, but his daughter just wanted to have a nice holiday. There were no guests, except them. But everything was pointing, that many people lived at this farm. One day a strange silent man came to the farm. That night inspector Rush woke up. He heard the sound of the gun. The housekeeper assured him that there were some poachers near the farm. Next morning the mysterious guest disappeared. The inspector’s daughter found blood in the yard. So the suspicions weren’t groundless.

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A Shot in the Night by Ridley Andrew

How good it is to be on holiday with my daughter, thinks Detective Inspector Rush. He is happy to be away from his job in Leeds in the north of England for a few days. His job is very important to him, but he also likes to spend time with his daughter, Sally. A week in Kent on the south east coast will be enjoyable for both of them.

“Drive a little slower, Dad,” says Sally. “You aren’t driving a police car now. I would like to enjoy the view. It’s so beautiful.”

They are driving along the coast road between Folkestone and Hastings and there is a beautiful view of the sea.

“Okay,” says her father. “We have a few hours yet. We must arrive in time for the evening meal, though.”

A Shot in the Night by Ridley Andrew

They are quiet for a few minutes, and then he speaks again. “I’m so pleased that you have come on holiday with me,” he says. “There are not many 24-year-old daughters who want to go on holiday with their fathers.”

“No,” she laughs. “You really are very lucky to have me with you.”

He laughs as well. “Yes, I know I am. It’s so long since we spent some time together. I think that the last time was two years ago. Then we went on the Aikido course in Birmingham. I’m sorry that I always seem to be so busy.”

“Don’t worry about it, Dad,” she replies. “It makes the time that we do spend together really special.”

“Thanks,” he answers. “I’m really looking forward to this week. Especially the open-air classical concert at Leeds Castle. That should be really good.”

“Yes,” she agrees. “The 1812 Overture with real cannons and fireworks should be amazing.”

After a moment, she asks, “Do you know why it’s called Leeds Castle? It can’t be anything to do with the city of Leeds where we live, can it?”

“No,” replies her father, “it isn’t. I read somewhere that the Saxons called the area ‘Esledes’. Over the years it became ‘Leeds’.”

“You’re so clever, Dad,” says Sally, proudly. “Sometimes I think that you know everything.”

Detective Inspector Rush smiles, but says nothing…

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