Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery by John Escott

Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery by John Escott

The name of the detective queen is known to everyone. The fans of the genre read her novels and revise the screen versions, guessing who the real killer is. The main characters of the stories of Christie – Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot are worldwide famous. These characters are different, only united by their brilliant mind. We know them well enough. But what do we know about the writer? This book will tell you the story of Agatha Christie. The growing up of Agatha Miller passes and she starts travelling. You will visit the countries and the continents with the future writer. The world will surprisingly change during the narration. You will be able learn about the personal experiences of Agatha and her first steps in literal creativity. This magnificent woman lived an extraordinary life.

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Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery by John Escott

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was bored. It was a winter morning in 1908, and she was in bed because she was ill.

‘I’m feeling much better today,’ she said to her mother, Clara. ‘I think I’ll get up.’

‘You’re still ill,’ said Clara. ‘The doctor told you to stay in bed and keep warm. And that’s what you’re going to do!’ Agatha was eighteen years old at this time, but in those days daughters had to do what their mothers told them. ‘But I’m bored!’

‘Well, do something, then,’ said her mother. ‘Read a book. Or write a story. Yes, why don’t you write a story?’ ‘Write a story?’ said Agatha, surprised.

‘Yes,’ her mother said. ‘Like Madge.’

Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery by John Escott

Madge was Agatha’s sister. She was eleven years older than Agatha, and sometimes wrote short stories for magazines like Vanity Fair.

‘I don’t think that I can write stories,’ said Agatha.

‘How do you know?’ said her mother. ‘You’ve never tried.’ And she went to find a pencil and paper.

Soon after, Agatha sat up in bed and began to write a story. It was called House of Beauty, a strange story about dreams.

It wasn’t a very good story. She typed it on Madge’s old typewriter, and sent it off to a magazine. But they sent it back with a letter: Thank you for sending us your story. We are afraid we cannot publish it…

‘You must try again,’ said her mother. Clara was always sure that her daughters could do anything.

So Agatha went on writing stories, and sending them out to magazines – but they all came back. She was a little disappointed.

‘I’ll try writing a novel,’ she decided.

An idea came to her. She remembered seeing a beautiful young girl in a hotel in Cairo when she was visiting Egypt with Clara. The girl was always with two men, one on each side of her. One day, Agatha heard someone say, ‘That girl will have to decide between them some time.’

It was all that Agatha needed for an idea, and she began writing. It was not a detective novel. It was the story of a young girl who lived in Cairo, and it was called Snow Upon the Desert. It was really two long stories put together to make a book. When it was finished, Agatha sent it to three or four publishers, but they all sent it back…

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