Alien Alert in Seattle by Clemen D. B. Gina

Alien Alert in Seattle by Clemen D. B. Gina

This is the mountain range called Cascade. It is located in the county seat of Seatal, Washington. At first glance, this is an extremely inappropriate place for an alien spacecraft to appear. But once a mysterious flying object is seen by the locals. No one believes in such nonsense. Aliens from another planet are in the United States? It is more like a cheap science fiction movie! Still the residents are excited by this news. Later the trinity of good inseparable friends and classmates – Barbara, Karen and Walter notice that one of the teachers in their high school is starting behaving extremely strange. Young, but extremely smart guys begin an independent investigation and soon they discover a very unexpected truth.

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Alien Alert in Seattle by Clemen D. B. Gina

My name’s Karen Nielsen and I’m fifteen years old. I’m tall and I have short red hair and green eyes. I live in Seattle, Washington. It’s a wonderful, green city and I love it. I live with my parents and my dog, Tex, in a yellow house with a lovely garden. Tex is a big brown dog and he’s three years old. I have a lot of fun playing with him.

In my free time I like playing volleyball, going rock climbing and listening to music. I have a big music collection and I love listening to music with my friends. I also like reading science fiction books.

Alien Alert in Seattle by Clemen D. B. Gina

My story begins in August, a month before school started. My parents and I were having breakfast in the kitchen and we were watching the local news on the television.

Suddenly the newsreader said, “Alien Alert! Early this morning there was a report of an unidentified flying object near the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. Two tourists saw a UFO in the sky above them. They said it was gray and round. They also said it didn’t make any noise. Later this morning a high school teacher saw the same UFO flying above her house. The Seattle Police are investigating.”

“Wow!” I said. “An alien spaceship here in Seattle! This is exciting!”

“Do you believe it?” asked my mom.

“Who knows? I don’t think we’re alone in this big universe,” said my dad. “The Earth is only a small planet, you know.”

I started thinking about aliens and went to the library to look at some books about UFOs.

That evening all the newspapers had “ALIEN ALERT!” on their front pages.

A month later I went back to high school. This is my second year at Washington High School and I like it a lot. When I finish school and university I want to become a chemist.

On the way to school I met my best friend and classmate, Barbara Reynolds. She is a tall, pretty girl. She lives near my house and we always walk to school together. She is Afro – American and one of the best students at our school. She wants to become a doctor. Basketball is her sport and she plays on the girls’ basketball team. Like myself, she also enjoys listening to music.

“We have some new teachers this year,” said Barbara happily. “I hope they’re all men and cute…

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