Amazon Rally by Amos Eduardo

Amazon Rally by Amos Eduardo

Two friends Brian and David arrived in Brazil from a small English town to take part in the rally through the Amazon jungle. They have been travelling in Europe on the motorbikes and participating in all competitions. Now they are going to ride through the jungles. But there was one thing, which worried one of the boys. The local newspaper printed a note about the Indians, who lived in the jungles. The Indians were very unkind. They thought the miners were going to take their land. His friend didn’t pay any attention to it. Wonderful competitions were waiting for them. The next four days were promising to be exciting! However, different things happen to the transport. There was something wrong with Brian’s bike from the very start. Will Brian and David be able to win?

Amazon Rally by Amos Eduardo

‘Look, Brian! Those are our motorcycles!’ David says.

David and Brian are at Heathrow Airport in London. They are motorcycle racers from Enfield, a small town in England.

They usually race in England, and in European countries, but this time they are going to Brazil. Racers from many countries are going there, too. They are all going to race across the Amazon jungle. Brian is reading a newspaper.

‘Listen to this, David!’ he says. ‘There’s a problem in the Amazon. The Indians are very angry because miners are going into the jungle. The miners are taking their homes.’

But David isn’t listening to Brian. The race is going to be good,’ he says.

‘Yes… and difficult, David.’

Amazon Rally by Amos Eduardo

Two days later, the racers are in Brasilia. Brian and David are there, too. A lot of people come and watch. It is a beautiful, sunny morning.

There is a lot of noise. People are talking to the racers. Photographers are taking pictures.

‘The race is going to start,’ a young man says. ‘Listen.’

‘Good morning!’ a man says. ‘This is the start of the Amazon Rally. Forty-two people are going to race from here to Manaus.’

‘Are you OK, Brian?’ David asks.

‘No,’ Brian answers. ‘I’ve got a problem. Look! Oil is leaking from the engine of my motorcycle.’

‘Where’s that glue for oil leaks?’ Brian asks.

The racers are putting on their helmets.

‘Here, try this,’ David says. He gives Brian some glue. Brian puts some glue on his engine, but it comes out very slowly.

‘Quickly, Brian! The race is going to start,’ David says.

But oil is leaking from Brian’s engine.

‘Quickly!’ David says again.

The oil stops. Brian puts on his helmet and gets on his motorcycle.

The engines of the motorcycles make a lot of noise.

‘The race is starting,’ David says.

‘Let’s go!’ Brian says.

The Amazon Rally starts!

The first day is OK. The roads are good. The racers see many small towns and villages. People stand near the road and watch them…

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