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An African Story by Roald Dahl

The protagonist of this book spent his youth in eastern Africa. He was a good hunter. He loved his country and spent time on the plains, in many cozy valleys and loved walking at cold nights. But soon the war began. World War II overtook Europe. The man was preparing to become a pilot. Once he took a plane and flew to watch wild animals during maneuvering exercises in the sky. He damaged the wing of the plane, but was able to return to the airport. Soon he was again entrusted with the aircraft. But the next time the pilot was unlucky – the aircraft’s engine died out and he had to make an emergency landing. This time it was without damage. He saw a small hut and went to her. There lived an old man who grew food. He warmly welcomed the pilot and allowed him to live in his hut.

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An African Story by Roald Dahl

In East Africa there was a young man who was a hunter, who loved the plains and the valleys and the cool nights on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. In September 1939 war had begun in Europe and he had travelled over the country to Nairobi and was training to be a pilot with the RAF. He was doing quite well, but after five weeks he got into trouble because he took his plane up and flew off in the direction of Nakuru to look at the wild animals when he should have been practicing spins and turns. While he was flying there, he thought he saw some rare animals, became excited and flew down low to get a better view of them. He flew too low and damaged the wing, but he managed to get back to the airfield in Nairobi.

An African Story by Roald Dahl

After six weeks, he was allowed to make his first cross-country flight on his own, and he flew off from Nairobi to a little town called Eldoret two thousand meters up in the Highlands. But again he was unlucky; this time he had engine failure on the way, due to water in the fuel tanks. He kept calm and made a beautiful forced landing without damaging his aircraft, not far from a little hut which stood alone on the highland plain with no other building in sight. That is lonely country up there.

He walked over to the hut, and there he found an old man, living alone, with only a small garden of sweet potatoes, some brown chickens and a black cow.

The old man was kind to him. He gave him food and milk and a place to sleep, and the pilot stayed with him for two days and two nights, until a rescue plane from Nairobi found his aircraft, landed beside it, found out what was wrong, went away and came back with clean petrol which enabled him to take off and return….

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