Analogies by Linda Ward Beeck

Analogies by Linda Ward Beeck

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Analogies by Linda Ward Beeck

Analogies explore word—and therefore
concept—relationships. Implicit in making
analogies are numerous critical thinking
skills. It is for these reasons that analogies
appear on so many standardized tests.
Teaching analogies offers important and concrete
benefits to students. Working with analogies
✤ expands students’ vocabulary.
✤ enables students to look at words in new ways.
✤ helps students understand relationships between
words and ideas.

Analogies by Linda Ward Beeck
✤ reinforces students’ ability to make comparisons.
✤ increases reading comprehension.
✤ develops reasoning skills.
✤ prepares students for standardized tests.
Using the Book
The reproducible pages in this book provide
step-by-step instruction in introducing and practicing five kinds of analogies. Students review the
thinking skills needed for understanding each kind
of analogy and become familiar with the formats
in which the analogies appear. The THINK!
component at the bottom of each page directs
students to explain and explore their reasoning.
As you introduce each type of analogy or format,
you’ll want to model how to do it by thinking aloud.
See the sample Think Alouds for each section…

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