At the World’s End by Irene Trimble

At the World's End by Irene Trimble

This is the final part of the trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean. “Do you agree to go to the end of the world and farther to bring back the handsome Jack and his Pearl?” Bravely hurling himself with a sword at the villain, Captain Jack Sparrow disappeared along with his ship in the jaws of the monster. But it is naive to believe that the brave pirate Jack will disappear forever. After leaving the real world he found himself in a surreal reality. You will meet Will Turner again, who used to be a humble blacksmith and now he is a pirate. His beloved Elizabeth Swann made a mean act and it made Jack fell into the “eternal nowhere”. What can we expect from Elizabeth after that? The answer to this question is located “At World’s End.” In this part, the characters will face a common enemy. They will forget all their disagreements to defeat him.

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At the World’s End by Irene Trimble

To all the King’s men:

I am writing to you about an enemy of the East India Trading Company.

Thirteen years ago, the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow made an agreement with Davy Jones. Jones gave a ship, the Black Pearl, to Sparrow. Sparrow agreed, after thirteen years, to give up his soul and join Jones’s men on the Flying Dutchman. But another pirate, Barbossa, stole the Pearl. With the help of William Turner and Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of Port Royal’s governor, Sparrow tried to get the Black Pearl back. He succeeded when he killed Barbossa on Isla de Muerta.

At the World's End by Irene Trimble

Elizabeth Swann is also our enemy. James Norrington, a British officer, wanted to marry her, but she fell in love with William Turner. When Norrington failed to catch Sparrow, he lost his job. Will Turner’s father, “Bootstrap Bill,” was a pirate on the Pearl. He is now a prisoner on the Flying Dutchman, and must work for Davy Jones for ever.

Sparrow went to Isla Cruces to find Jones’s heart. Jones has to take orders from the person who has his heart. But James Norrington found it, and is now a British admiral.

Without the heart, Sparrow could not fight Jones’s monster, the Kraken. He tried to escape but Elizabeth Swann tied him to the Black Pearl. The Kraken destroyed the ship-and Sparrow.

Turner, Swann, and Sparrow’s men then went to Tia Dalma. She brought Barbossa back from the dead to find Sparrow in Davy Jones’s Locker .

Captain Jack Sparrow is still dangerous. The East India Trading Company must find him and stop him.

Admiral Bratton

From high above the ship’s deck, a pirate looked across the ocean. He saw nothing except the two ships that they traveled with. The Caribbean was calm. Everything was quiet. So why did he feel so worried?

He looked again. This time he could see something. Was a ship sailing toward them? Worse, was it an East India Trading Company ship?

He knew about the Company agents. They killed pirates. The Company wanted to destroy every pirate who sailed in the Caribbean-and on every ocean across the world.

The pirate decided to call to the captain. But then he saw a dark shape below the water next to the ship…

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