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Australia is the smallest continent. It
covers about 2,978,100 square miles
(7,713,243 sq km). It is about the size of
the United States.
Australia is like nowhere else in the
world. Kangaroos, koalas, and other
interesting animals live there. Australia
also has fine beaches and cities. This
warm continent is an exciting place to be.

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A hemisphere is half of the earth. The
top half of the earth is the Northern
Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere
is the bottom half of the earth. Australia
is in the Southern Hemisphere. This is
why some people call Australia the Land
Down Under.

The main part of Australia is an island.
It has water on all sides. Australia lies
between the Indian Ocean and the
Pacific Ocean.
Tasmania is also part of Australia. It is
a smaller island to the south….

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