Babybug magazine is a board magazine published 9 times per year and is too good to miss. Designed for the 6 mos. to 3 year old it has 22 durable pages simple text, clear bright pictures and is printed 9 times per year. The format is predictable with an opening story about Kim (a gender neutral child) and Kim’s stuffed rabbit “Carrots”. Following are short poems and stories perfectly designed to be acted out while being recited. There is no advertising. I can’t recommend this magazine highly enough. I’ve used the poems to successfully transition kindergarteners between activities and to discuss topical subjects such as picking tomatos from the garden, chopping vegetables for soup and eating berries off the vine.

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Babybug magazine is a subscription that pays back in many a story time. Dissemble issues and file in with themes to use.

I used two rhymes from this publication this week.

Where Is Liz? by Lieve Baeten

In the box.
Out of the box.

Boxes, Boxes by Julie Peterson

Mommy and Ned find empty boxes.
The yellow box makes a cozy bed for Whiskers.
Mommy puts books in the blue box.
Ned puts blocks in the red box…

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