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Beastly Bug

A fun little book about mini beasts with lots of somewhat gruesome looking photographs (arachnaphobics should perhaps avoid as the spider photos are particularly creepy, especially the trapdoor spider on page 22) and really interesting facts. The book includes eight bright tear out and keep collector cards to be used as standalone or a part of a top trumps game with cards from the other books in the series which includes Deadly DinosaursSnappy Sharks and Scary Spiders. The book is not too text heavy, so would work well for more reluctant readers, especially in conjunction with the free audio download. A great first reference book.

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Beastly Bug

Beastly Bugs tells you everything you want to know about the world of minibeasts, from insects such as ants, wasps, butterflies and beetles to creepy crawlies such as spiders, woodlice and centipedes.

Beastly Bug

Beastly Bugs is part of a great new collectible series called It’s all about… It is packed with facts and stats, and there are eight amazing collector cards to tear out and keep. You can access a free downloadable audio of Beastly Bugs by logging onto the special URL address on page 3.

Beastly Bugs has a Contents page as well as a Glossary and Index. You can check out the other titles in the series at the back of the book…

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