Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

Just before the main character dies, he decides to share and get his feelings out. He writes about something that has led him to such a bitter end. The readers should prepare for a confession and exploring the most secret corners of the desperate souls. The main character tells us that he had been loving animals since childhood. He and his wife had many pets including a big black cat named Pluto. This cat was special. It loved his owner and had a deep bond with him. Their mutual friendship had been lasting for several years, until the narrator became an alcoholic. One day the man came home being drunk. He decided the pet was avoiding him. When he tried to seize it, the frightened cat bit its owner. In a moment of rage the man seized the animal and cut out the cat’s eye

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Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

You are not going to believe this story. But it is a true story, as true as I sit here writing it – as true as I will die in the morning. Yes, this story ends with my end, with my death tomorrow.

I have always been a kind and loving person – everyone will tell you this. They will also tell you that I have always loved animals more than anything. When I was a little boy, my family always had many different animals round the house. As I grew up, I spent most of my time with them, giving them their food and cleaning them.

I married when I was very young, and I was happy to find that my wife loved all of our animal friends as much as I did. She bought us the most beautiful animals. We had all sorts of birds, gold fish, a fine dog and a cat.

Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

The cat was a very large and beautiful animal. He was black, black all over, and very intelligent. He was so intelligent that my wife often laughed about what some people believe; some people believe that all black cats are evil, enemies in a cat’s body.

Pluto – this was the cat’s name – was my favourite. It was always I who gave him his food, and he followed me everywhere. I often had to stop him from following me through the streets! For years, he and I lived happily together, the best of friends.

But during those years I was slowly changing. It was that evil enemy of Man called Drink who was changing me. I was not the kind, loving person people knew before. I grew more and more selfish. I was often suddenly angry about unimportant things. I began to use bad language, most of all with my wife. I even hit her sometimes. And by that time, of course, I was often doing horrible things to our animals. I hit all of them – but never Pluto. But, my illness was getting worse – oh yes, drink is an illness! Soon I began to hurt my dear Pluto too.

I remember that night very well. I came home late, full of drink again. I could not understand why Pluto was not pleased to see me. The cat was staying away from me. My Pluto did not want to come near me! I caught him and picked him up, holding him strongly. He was afraid of me and bit my hand.

Suddenly, I was not myself any more. Someone else was in my body: someone evil, and mad with drink! I took my knife from my pocket, held the poor animal by his neck and cut out one of his eyes…

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