Blackbeard’s Treasure by Jenny Dooley

Blackbeard's Treasure by Jenny Dooley

What do you know about Bermuda Triangle? It’s a miracle place where a lot of people, ships and other things were lost. Have you ever heard about the Blackbeard’s treasure? It was lost in Bermuda Triangle and nobody ever could find it. Not many people want to have such risk for finding treasure. But there are no any barriers if you are a pirate, you are drunk and you hear the sound of coins. The greatest pirate in the whole world Captain Pike came into the bar of port where many sailors were resting. It was deep night and nobody expect for such celebrity. He proposed them adventure but even they didn’t hurry because nobody had never returned Bermuda. At last, Captain Pike managed to collect the team. But whether they can realize his plan?

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Blackbeard’s Treasure by Jenny Dooley

It was a dark and quiet night near the port, where all of the pirate ships stay before they sail. There were no lights on the street, and the only sounds were the laughing and singing behind the closed door of a bar called The Blue Dolphin. A man wearing a black pirate hat opened the door of the Blue Dolphin. He had a black patch over one eye and a scar on one side of his face. Everyone suddenly became quiet. A sailor at the bar asked the barman:

Blackbeard's Treasure by Jenny Dooley

            “Who’s that?”

“That is Captain Pike, the greatest pirate in all the world. They say he’s stolen from the Queen of England, the King of France and the King of Spain.”

Captain Pike walked slowly around the tables looking closely at each man with his cold, grey eye. He had a very serious and cold way of talking.

“I’m looking for sailors and I need the best there are around.”

A big man in a white and blue shirt with a blue scarf around his neck stood up in front of Captain Pike.

“You won’t find anyone stronger than I am, Captain. Tell me where to put my name and I’m ready to sail.”

Captain Pike looked into the man’s eyes. His eyes were blue like the sea. Captain Pike’s eye became narrower as he talked to the man.

“I’m sailing to the Bermuda Triangle to get Blackbeard’s treasure.”

The man in front of him slowly sat down. Others began to whisper. The barman said to the sailor:

“Nobody has ever found Blackbeard’s treasure. They say it was lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. All those who have tried to find it have never returned.”

Captain Pike continued to walk among the men. He knew it would be difficult to find men to go with him, so he talked about the treasure to excite them.

“They say there are diamonds as big as your nose; rubies, gold, pearls. Blackbeard was a pirate like us. It’s in our blood. I’m sure he would want other pirates to have it.”

Suddenly a loud scream came from a dark corner near the stairs. A very old man with thin white hair and a shining gold tooth walked out from the darkness to talk to the men. A large white bird sat on his shoulder.

“You don’t know what you’re saying! That treasure must always stay with Blackbeard’s ghost, on his ship. It is his punishment for hurting the natives of the islands. Go to Rum Island. The natives there will tell you the story…

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