Bloody Revenge by Oliver Astley

Bloody Revenge by Oliver Astley

Stanley Cooper is a notorious crime lord. He owns bars and nightclubs in the rich part of London. His gangsters are responsible for a lot of murders and violence in this area. Two detective inspectors Gary Evans and Sandra Checchino have been trying to bring the man to justice for many years. But now Cooper himself is found dead in one of his clubs. At first it looks like a suicide. But after further examination it becomes clear that Cooper has been murdered. Inspectors Evans and Checchino have to investigate this case. The search for the killer is not easy, as a lot of people had a valid reason to want Cooper’s death. Many suspects are questioned and many theories are discussed. This book offers a deep and complicated story with a huge plot twist at the end.

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Bloody Revenge by Oliver Astley

The news came one Saturday morning from a young woman who sounded very upset and spoke with a strong foreign accent.

“Yes, hello, police? You must come. He is dead! His skin is cold and there is blood all over the floor. You must come here as soon as possible, please!”

Detective Inspector Evans had just arrived at the office and was listening to a recording of the telephone call. There was always a lot of crime in London on a Friday night, but he was not prepared for what he was about to hear.

Bloody Revenge by Oliver Astley

The operator was very calm and asked for the woman’s name and location. She was calling from a mobile phone.

“My name is Helena Kowalska. I have just come to work… I am the cleaner at a nightclub called ‘Lust’ in Charing Cross. I am sorry, but my English is not very good. When will you be here?”

“We’ll send someone over as soon as we can, Mrs Kowalska,” the operator replied. “Please stay where you are and let me take some more information. Do you know who the dead person is?”

“Of course!” she exclaimed. “It is the big boss. He has shot himself. The gun is still in his hand.”

Inspector Evans could not believe his ears.

“The big boss?” he repeated after the recording had ended. “Does that mean what I think it means?”

Some people were nodding their heads in answer; others shrugged. Could Stanley Cooper really be dead?

Stanley Cooper was not only the owner of Lust, but a notorious crime lord who ran a large chain of bars and nightclubs in London’s West End. He also owned a dog track in Walthamstow. The Metropolitan Police called him the “King of the Underworld” because they believed that he and his gangsters were responsible for much of the violence in the area. Unfortunately for them, they had no solid proof.

“The call came in less than twenty minutes ago,” said a deep female voice. “The forensics team are already on their way to examine the crime scene. Evans, you should go and join them. Something tells me that Cooper didn’t kill himself, and if I’m right, this is going to be your case…


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