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Brians Brains Hugh by Mortimer

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Brians Brains Hugh by Mortimer

Reading has the power to motivate a learner to go further. Understanding a joke, getting used to a writer’s style or just enjoying a good story can be hugely rewarding experiences in a second language.

A good graded reader should be fun. Once reading becomes enjoyable, it no longer feels like study. It becomes much easier to pick up that book each night and develop a habit of learning.

Brians Brains Hugh by Mortimer

I’m a big fan of graded readers in my own language learning. I find reading to be helpful in many ways. It can certainly help introduce a new language – vocabulary and grammar structures. More importantly, it supports the rest of our language learning too. By reading words and phrases we’ve seen or heard before, we strengthen our memory of that language. By seeing words and phrases used in different ways and in different situations, we strengthen our understanding of that language. Also, without really trying, we slowly develop our understanding of the grammar behind a language and the common ways it is used to describe meaning and emotion. In other words, we develop our feeling for the language.

I created this graded reader for my students at – a website where English learners can develop English skills for work. I hoped to create a fun, enjoyable story that supports the learning of English, particularly for the workplace.

However, I hope you’ll find it to be a fun read whether you’re interested in English for work or learning English more generally.

It’s time – let’s bring the dead to life.


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