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Carmichael’s Book Of Nursery Rhymes

1985 Children’s Hardcover. Fun Classic Rhymes Avon Collectible

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Carmichael’s Book Of Nursery Rhymes

A Child’s world does not appear to extend beyond its daily rounds of sleeping, eating and playing. Yet, never doubt that a child is always listening. An infant who is spoken to and sung to will react with instant pleasure. A child who is read to will respond with greater language skills and a healthy imagination. Lap reading is the finest of¬†early education and what better teacher than the ancient and lovable Mother Goose?

Carmichael's Book Of Nursery Rhymes

From her hundreds of rhymes, songs, riddles and lullabies, I have chosen those favorites which seem to best suggest the pattern of a child’s day – wake up, playtime, supper and bed. With ehe irresistible Carmichael in hand to introduce them, Carol Newsom’s delightful community of lovable characters will enchant the reader and the listener now and for years to come…

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