Changes by Brennan Frank

Changes by Brennan Frank

All teenagers undergo certain changes. Darren is fourteen. Changes are normal for him. When Darren looks in the mirror, he expects to see a small moustache. But instead he sees whiskers of a rabbit. His smell has become more acute. Similar changes are observed in teenagers in the whole world. Some teens have long tails, others have webbed feet. They have developed special powers. Some kids can run like horses, others can see like a hunting bird. People believe the reason is the comet that has recently passed the Earth. The parents are worried, but the kids seem to enjoy their new abilities. Finally scientists find a cure. But the real question is: will the teenagers agree to lose their powers and return to the way they were?

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Changes by Brennan Frank

Time: the present Place: Sheffield, England

Everybody knew about the comet. It was in all the newspapers. When it finally passed close to the Earth, it lit up the sky for three nights. It was beautiful. People who were not usually interested in looking beyond their television screens took at least one look outside.

Even people like Darren.

Darren was looking in the bathroom mirror at the spots on his face. They were near his nose. His mum always said he got spots because he ate too many sweets. But he hated sweets. And he never ate chocolate. His mum loved chocolate and she never got spots. It wasn’t fair. Darren was just going to examine his biggest spot when his mum called out.

‘Darren! Darren, look at this!’

‘Aw, Mum. I’m busy!’

But Darren’s mum refused to take no for an answer. She knew her thirteen-year-old son liked science fiction. A bit of science fact would do him no harm. This sort of thing didn’t happen every day, after all. They said that this comet was only going to pass the Earth once. She didn’t want Darren to miss it.

‘Darren Miller, come down right now!’

Changes by Brennan Frank

When Darren got downstairs, the door to the garden was open. He could see both his parents outside. They were looking up, their faces lit by a gentle light. He went out and stood next to them. Then he, too, looked up.

It was, indeed, a lovely thing to see. Darren was pleased his mum had called him. The sky was full of beautiful, coloured light. It made Darren think of Christmas lights and all the bright colours he loved when he was younger.

It was so beautiful that he almost forgot about his spots.

The next day all of the newspapers were full of pictures and stories about the comet. Some of the newspapers were quite excited about it, because the comet had passed very close to the Earth.

‘Comet nearly hits Earth!’ said one headline in a newspaper.

‘Earth escapes comet!’ said another.

Most of the newspaper reports also mentioned the beauty of the comet. They all said how lucky we were to see such a wonderful thing.

Of course, there were the usual pessimists who said that the comet would put something nasty into the air we breathe. Others said the comet was a sign that the end of the Earth was coming. However, most people took no notice of these warnings…

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