Daily Warm

Daily Warm

Quick, easy, effective activities support standards and help students improve skills they need for success in testing. Sound too good to be true? Not at all. Thats just what each book in this series offers.

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Daily Warm

Short, high-interest reading passages can be a great way to start the school day or to fill in the gaps as needed. This teacher resource offers over 150 reading warm-ups. Each 10-minute warm-up consists of a nonfiction or fiction passage and 3–4 comprehension questions designed to assess students’ understanding of the reading material.

Each set of passages is divided into groups that focus on specific writing genres and/or areas of interest:

Daily Warm

Nonfiction Passages

•           Animals

•           Biography

•           American History

•           Science

•           Current Events

Daily Warm

Fiction Passages

•           Fairy Tales/Folklore

•           Historical Fiction

•           Contemporary Realistic Fiction

•           Mystery/Suspense/Adventure

•           Fantasy

In addition, the passages are leveled to meet your students’ various reading abilities. These levels are discretely listed in a table at the back of the book, ensuring that no attention is called to the level of passage each student is given. The three levels are as follows:

•           below grade level

•           at grade level

•           above grade level

A comprehensive answer key is included This resource is 176 pages in all…

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