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Dictionary for Children

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Dictionary for Children

Scholastic Children’s Dictionary (SCD) provides an overview of how to use the resource in its beginning pages. Pronunciation guides found on the initial pages of each letter explain the origin of that symbol. Sample sentences to clarify usage are included. The text uses kid friendly language. It is an all in one “go-to” resource for many classrooms and libraries because of the extra material it contains. The cost of the SCD is $19.99 which is comparable to other children’s dictionaries. As a supplement the Scholastic Children’s Dictionary Activity Book can be purchased at $ 7.95 for grades 3 – 6.

The Scholastic Children’s Dictionary (SCD) is a comprehensive dictionary, comprised of a thesaurus; guides to grammar, punctuation, idioms, etymologies and abbreviations; maps; flags; facts about the 50 states and Canada; a list of U.S. presidents; and over 100 mini history references are included.

Dictionary for Children

EBSCO Host database, Children’s Core Collection, rates SCD with a Most Highly Recommended reference. Having newly commissioned maps ensures the most current data. Content updates are made available.
Scholastic is one of the most recognized names in children’s literature.

Three column design is used for the initials, abbreviations, and acronyms section with a lightly colored strip across the terms. The definitions portion is presented in two columns with terms in bold letters and illustrations strewn throughout. Various sections display charts or pictures across the entire page for a clearer visual. The index uses 5 column design.

Arrangement and Presentation-
Colorful tabs on the edge of each page designate the letter section. Detailed world maps now cover the endpapers. Boxes feature more word histories and sample sentences than in previous editions. The presidential pages display small photos and statistics.

Braille and sign language guides are included in a segment of the dictionary. Child friendly terms are used in the definitions and the resource is suggested for ages 8 and up…

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