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Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes

This is one of the most popular stories from the classical world literature which has a lot of interpretations in our days. The hero is Don Quixote de La Mancha who embodies the eternal human values. A knight-errant Don Quixote was born when the hidalgo Senor Alonso Quixano had read a lot of books about the knights’ adventures. These stories captured his mind and have inspired him so much that the man has reincarnated. Everyone who met them thought that he is crazy. Because an ordinary man doesn’t kill non-existent dragons, fight with windmills and wants to rescue fair maidens? If you want to be a knight and change the world, all what you need are a valiant war horse Rocinante, lonely princess which you dedicate your life and a brave squire to accompany you.

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Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes

In the Spanish village of La Mancha, there lived a gentleman who loved to read. His favorite stories were of knights and their code of chivalry: full of dragons, magic swords, enchanted forests, and damsels in distress.

This gentleman was not a wealthy man, but rather a hidalgo. A hidalgo was a landowner who was richer than a peasant, but poorer than a nobleman. His name was Senor Quixano.

Senor Quixano lived modestly with his housekeeper and his young niece. He was a tall, thin man in his fifties. He was a strong and healthy man, who went hunting every morning.

However, he started to read adventure stories all the time. His best friends, the local priest and the village barber, were worried. Their friend suddenly began spending night and day in his chair, reading adventure books through crazed, bloodshot eyes.

Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes

            Soon he started thinking these stories were true. Finally he went completely crazy.

Waking up in his reading chair one morning, Senor Quixano announced, “I’m going to become a knight-errant!”

“A what?” asked his concerned niece.

“A knight-errant is a righter of wrongs, a friend to the unfortunate, a rescuer of fair maidens, and a killer of dragons!”

“But Uncle,” she cried, “there are no dragons in Spain! And who are these maidens who need rescuing?”

The old man went to the attic of his house and found a rusty old suit of armor. He put the suit on and felt ready for action.

In a bold voice, he announced, “Now, to my faithful steed.

This “steed” was really a worn-out nag. But to his delusional eyes, it was a valiant war horse.

“I name you Rocinante, Queen of the hacks! And I will call myself.

He took a moment to think of the perfect name. “Don Quixote!”

“Now I must dedicate my life to a lady!’

“Do you know a lady?” sobbed the man’s niece, frightened by his insane ramblings.

“All knights know a lady,” the man replied. “When I conquer a giant or capture a villain, I’ll parade them in front of her to prove my love and loyalty.”

Then he remembered stories he had heard of a beautiful peasant girl from the nearby village of El Toboso. Having lost his grip on reality, he decided that she was a lonely princess.

“What’s her name?” demanded his niece, hoping to bring him to his senses…

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