Famous British Criminals by Victoria Spence

Famous British Criminals by Victoria Spence

This story is about some of the most well known criminals in the history of the UK. Jack Sheppard was born in the 18th century in the capital of Great Britain. He was a very famous criminal and thief. A young man, born in a poor family, was trained to become a carpenter. In the end instead of honest work, he chose the path of crimes. Jack escaped from the prison four times, which made him quite popular among poor people of London. John Gov was a famous pirate. There is not much information about his life, but Daniel Defoe wrote about this criminal in his time. Jonathan Wilde is another representative of the criminal world. He was known to have worked on both sides of the law and was even involved in the execution of Jack Sheppard.

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Famous British Criminals by Victoria Spence

John Sheppard was a thief and highwayman, but he became a very popular figure in his lifetime because of his extraordinary courage. At least two plays were written about him, and society was fascinated by his life and adventures.

John Sheppard’s father was a carpenter in a poor part of London called Spitalfields. He had two sons, John, who was born in 1702, and Thomas. John was always known as Jack. The two brothers both became famous robbers.

Famous British Criminals by Victoria Spence

Jack was the first of the two brothers to begin a life of crime. He worked for a carpenter in London, but he soon began to spend a lot of time at the Black Lion pub in Drury Lane. It was here that he met a woman called Elizabeth Lyon, but more commonly known among her friends as Edgeworth Bess. Jack fell under her influence and they formed a partnership.

‘I can make you rich,’ she told him.

‘How?’ he asked her.

‘Listen,’ she said. ‘You’re a carpenter. You work in rich people’s houses. That gives you the perfect opportunity to steal valuable objects.’

At first Jack was very successful and no one suspected him of the robberies that were taking place in the houses where he worked. He stole valuable items for Edgeworth Bess and she sold them for him.

Jack also had another woman friend named Maggot, and she persuaded him to rob a local merchant, Mr Bains, who was a trader in valuable cloth. First Jack went to Mr Bains’ house and bought some cloth in order to see what the house was like inside. He went home and put the piece of cloth in his trunk. The same night he returned secretly to the house. He broke in and stole money and other property, which he then took to Maggot.

Jack did not go back to his master’s home that night, or the next, and his master began to be suspicious of the young man’s activities. He decided to open Jack’s trunk to see what was inside. He found the piece of cloth that Jack had bought from Mr Bains. When Jack finally returned home, he realised that his master now had evidence that connected him with Mr Bains. So Jack stole the piece of cloth back from his employer and hid it…

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