Five Famous Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Five Famous Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

The first story tells us about a woman who had three sons. They lived in the village. The family was poor but happy. So the boys found a job. They received magical things as a salary. In the second story, you will learn about an evil queen, who had the most beautiful daughter in the world. The Queen didn’t want to let her young princess get married. She just enjoyed the girl’s torment. One day, a resourceful Prince appeared. The third story is about a poor man named Hans. He was happy and very cheerful until he met a witch. In the fourth story you will read about a fisherman who was poor and couldn’t catch enough fish to feed his family. Once he got lucky. In the fifth story the main character is a king with ten sons and one daughter. Unfortunately his wife died. Soon a wicked stepmother came to the royal family.

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Five Famous Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Once there was a woman with three sons – Tom, Bob and Jack. Tom was the youngest. Bob came next, and Jack was the oldest. They lived in a village. They were happy, but their mother was very poor. So the boys looked for work.

Tom worked for a kind man in the next town. The man made tables and other things from wood. Tom worked very hard for one year. When the year ended, the kind man gave him a table. It looked old and dirty, but it was a magic table.

‘Say to the table, “I am hungry.” Then wonderful food will appear on it by magic,’ said the man, with a smile.

Five Famous Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

‘You are very kind,’ said Tom to the man. And he left. He went from country to country and from city to city, and he was always happy. He carried his table on his back. When he wanted food, he put the table down – in the street, by a river, under a tree. He said to the table, ‘I am hungry’, and lovely food appeared.

Some months later, he thought, ‘I would like to see my mother. I’ll go home.’

On the last night of his journey to his mother’s house, he came to an old house. An old man lived there.

‘Can I stay the night here?’ he asked the old man.

‘Yes, you can stay here, but I can’t give you any food,’ said the old man.

‘Don’t give me any food,’ Tom said. ‘You can eat with me.’ Then he put down his table and said, ‘I am hungry.’ Wonderful food appeared and they ate it.

Now this man was not a good man. He was a jealous man.

‘I want this boy’s table,’ he thought. ‘It will give me food. I can sell the food to other people. I will never be hungry again.’

When Tom was asleep that night, the old man took the magic table from Tom’s room. He worked all night and made a new table. It looked the same. He put it next to Tom’s bed.

The next morning Tom put the new table on his back and he walked to his mother’s house.

Tom’s mother was very happy when she saw her youngest son.

‘What did you do when you were away?’ she asked…

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