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Girl Meets Boy by Derek Strange

This story began at the very end of July. It was very sunny and warm. Donna was standing on the deck of the boat and looking at the sea. What else was there left to do at eleven in the morning on such a nice day. People around were talking, laughing and examining sea birds. Her family was also nearby. Among the crowd, the girl noticed a very tall and handsome guy. He was wearing a white and a blue shirt. He did not notice the girl who was staring at him so intently. The guy was in the company of his friends and brother. At least, one of the boys was very similar to him. Donna kept watching them. His friends were noisy, but the guy was silent. The next moment he looked at Donna and smiled. It was the beginning of the best part of summer for the girl.

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Girl Meets Boy by Derek Strange

My story starts in late July. It was July 21st, I think. It was the first day of our holiday, a hot July day. I stood in the sun and looked at the sea. It was eleven o’clock in the morning. I was on the boat at Portsmouth with my mother and father and my sister, Louise. Sea birds played near our big boat and the small boats near us on the sea.

I started to look at the people with us on our boat. They all watched the sea birds and talked and laughed. They were all happy on the first day of their holiday too. And suddenly there he was, this tall, quiet boy in a blue and white shirt: he was really good-looking. I’ll always remember Wow! He’s lovely the first time I saw him.

Girl Meets Boy by Derek Strange

He didn’t see me then. He was with some friends. One of the boys was his brother, I think: they had the same blue eyes, the same mouth and nose, nearly the same hair. His brother and one of the boys with him tried to catch the sea birds and he smiled at them. Then they came and stood near us, and they talked about the small boats on the sea. I watched him over Louise’s head all the time!

His brother and his friends made a lot of noise, but he was quiet and didn’t talk a lot. Then suddenly he looked at me and his eyes stayed quietly on me… and he smiled his lovely smile with his shy blue eyes.

The people near me on the boat, the sun, the sea, the birds, the noise of his friends, time – it all stopped. At that moment there was only him and me, me and him. Him and his smile for me. Only the two of us.

Slowly, very slowly, the boat started to move away, across the water to Spain. It takes a day and a night on the boat from Portsmouth to Santander, in Spain. A day and a night together, on the same boat with him…

It was a big new boat with cafes, shops, a cinema and a disco. In the evening Louise and 1 went to the disco together. We had a Coke and listened to the music and watched the dancers. But he wasn’t there.

Then suddenly a tall boy in a black and white shirt came in – it was him! He was with a friend. They stopped and looked slowly at all the people in the disco. It was dark in there and he stood and looked for a long time.

Then he saw me and he smiled a big, friendly smile. I wanted to stand up and sing and dance… dance with him. He came across the room and stopped near our table… and he asked me to dance…

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