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Grammar Manipulative Kids Love

Help kids really learn the parts of speech with more than 25 irresistible, hands-on manipulatives, such as Noun Detective Wheel, Amazing Adjectives Pull-Through, and Verb Vacation Flip-Up! Kids simply turn, pull, or lift the flaps to read and learn about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, action and linking verbs, and more. Each easy-to-make manipulative features lively illustrations and focuses on one part of speech. Includes extension activities.

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Grammar Manipulative Kids Love

I truly believe in the title of this book that it contains manipulatives that kids love. I have used many of the manipulatives in this book with my students and they love it.

For example, to teach preposition, I zap the ‘Find the Treasures!’ wheel for the kids to put it together and they enjoyed themselves by turning the wheel to see where the treasures are buried and to draw an X to mark each spot. The kids also enjoyed themselves in cutting, colouring and putting the wheel together. Most importantly, the kids get to learn about preposition in a fun way rather than memorising them.

Grammar Manipulative Kids Love

I love this book and very teacher should get this…

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