Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

An author of this book is a brilliant master of words, and his main weapon is humor. He sent his hero Gulliver in four different countries where he cruel scoffs people’s behavior. The first country was Lilliput, where only the little people live. The author makes fun of their absurd conceit. In the second one, country of the Giants, Gulliver understands that his size deserves the same ridicule. In the third country that is on flying island, Gulliver is faced pride. In the last country, some animals are much smarter than people, that they hate because they dumb and dirty. Join to our hero’s journey, incredible adventure and many discoveries are waiting for you.

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Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

My name is Lemuel Gulliver. I was born in England, in 16. When I was a young man I studied to be a doctor. I worked in London at first, but it was not easy to make money there. I decided to work as a ship’s doctor. I liked travelling, and I made several voyages. It was an interesting life.

One ship I worked on was called the Antelope. Our voyage went very well at first, but one day there was a great storm. The ship hit a rock in the sea, and began to sink. I managed to jump into one of the ship’s lifeboats with some sailors, and we thought we were safe. Then there was a big wave, and the little boat turned over in the water. We all began to swim. I soon lost sight of the other sailors, and I never saw them again. I think they all drowned.

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

I swam for many hours in the water, and I was very tired. Suddenly I realised that the water was not deep any more – my feet touched the ground! I walked a long time, and then I came to the beach. It was evening, and I was exhausted. I fell asleep on the sand.

When I woke up it was morning. I tried to stand up, but I could not move at all. I raised my head a little, and I could see ropes around my body. They were tied very tightly. I did not know what had happened to me.

Then I saw a very small creature walking along my body. I looked again, and I was very surprised to see that this creature was really a tiny man! Soon there were more of these little men walking on me. There were hundreds of them on the ground near me. They were talking to each other, but I could not understand their language.

I shouted very loudly, and the little men were afraid. They ran away quickly. Then I tried to free myself, and I managed to break the ropes around one of my hands. As soon as I did this. I felt a sharp pain. The little men were shooting arrows at me! The arrows were very small, but they were also very sharp, and I decided to lie still.

Now the little men constructed a platform near my head. One of them climbed up to the top of the platform. He was standing very close to my ear. He began to shout into my ear. I could hear what he said, but I did not understand the language he was using. He used signs to communicate with me. He told me that the country was called Lilliput, and that he worked for the Emperor. Then he explained that I was their prisoner. He told me not to be frightened, because they only wanted to take me to see the Emperor…

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