Halloween Horror by Clemen D. B. Ginay

Halloween Horror by Clemen D. B. Ginay

It’s fun to get ready for Halloween and it’s even more fun to have a spooky Halloween party But what happens to a group of young teenagers when their Halloween party becomes?a living nightmare? Find out what horror is all about in this spine-tingling story Informational Sections: ● The Origins of Halloween ● Salem Halloween Cookies ● Make a Bat Green Apple Series Green Apple is a series of richly illustrated graded readers especially designed for elementary school students. The series is based on internationally recognized standards of lexical and structural control ? from beginner to elementary, offering original stories as well as adapted classics in a variety of genres. Beginner: Written completely in the present tense with very simple vocabulary and grammar for students who are just starting English Grammar covered: Present Simple/Continuous – be/have got – can, cannot, must imperatives – let’s (do) simple time clauses – verbs and prepositions

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Halloween Horror by Clemen D. B. Ginay 

Salem is a beautiful American town in Massachusetts, USA. Naumkeag, ”City of Peace”, is its Indian name. But it is also called the “Witch City” because of the witch hangings of 1692. There are seven historical witch museums in Salem. They all have a lot of information on the witches and hangings of 1692.

Kelly and Megan Connor are two sisters. They come from San Francisco, California. The Connor family now lives in Salem because Mr Connor teaches French at the University of Boston.

Kelly is fourteen and Megan is thirteen. They go to Salem Middle School and they like it. Kelly has red hair and blue eyes. She’s tall and plays basketball for the school team.

Megan has fair hair and blue eyes. She is a champion swimmer. She is a member of the Salem Swimming Team.

It’s Friday, October 28, and Halloween is on Monday, October 31. Kelly and Megan are very excited because they love Halloween. This is their first Halloween in Salem, the “Witch City.”

“I think about Halloween all the time,” says I Megan.

Halloween Horror by Clemen D. B. Ginay

“Me too!” says Kelly.

“We must buy a pumpkin and make a jack o’lantern,” says their mother. “Now finish your breakfast. It’s late! School starts in twenty minutes.”

The girls eat their eggs and drink their milk. Then they go upstairs to brush their teeth. They’re ready at quarter past eight.

“Goodbye, mom! Don’t forget to buy the pumpkin!”

“OK! Goodbye girls!”

Kelly and Megan always walk to school. They meet their friends Susan Garcia, Nick Lee and Bill Goldberg.

“I’m so excited about Halloween,” says Susan. Susan is Hispano-American. She is 13 years old and has long black hair. “This is the first time we can have a party without our parents!”

“We must find a place to have the party,” says Nick. He is 14 years old and he’s a good cook. His parents have a Chinese restaurant in Salem.

“Let’s see!” says Bill. “I can ask my grandmother.” Bill Goldberg is a handsome boy of 14. His favorite school subject is science. He lives with his grandmother.

“Susan, do you have a scary costume for Halloween?” asks Kelly.

“It’s a surprise! I can’t tell you,” says Susan.

“Do you believe in ghosts?” Bill asks.

“Yes!” they all say.

“Oh, I don’t!” says Bill. “Science can explain everything.”

“Really?” says Nick. “A lot of strange things happen on Halloween night. My grandparents come from China. They believe in ghosts and evil spirits too.”

Bill laughs.

“Do you remember the story of the old woman in the cemetery…”

“Oh, Nick, please don’t tell us again!” says Bill.

Nick smiles mysteriously. It’s 8.30 a.m. and the school bell is ringing…

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