Hampton House by Jenny Dooley

Hampton House by Jenny Dooley

Helping Hand is a place where people can get any help they need. Every Saturday morning a big group of teenagers gathers there and waits for tasks. They do different work: help in the garden, go shopping, walk with dogs, babysitting and so on. William works there one day in a week too. Now this organization has a new volunteer Kathy Watson. Today Kathy and William go to the old people’s home. They deliver a trolley of books there and offer these books to the old. Kathy meets Miss Emily, who tells her a story about Lord Hampton’s house. This house was famous by reach and well-known parties arranging there. Miss Emily worked there many years ago when she was young. In her memories the servants of Lord Hampton were always hungry. However he didn’t take any care of them.

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Hampton House by Jenny Dooley

William was busy as usual, in the building which was the office for Helping Hand. He worked there every Saturday morning. Today the building was full of teenagers, all waiting for someone to tell them what to do and where to go.

“Sally, Mrs Smith needs someone to collect her shopping.”

Sally went to the desk and took the shopping list for Mrs Smith, then with a smile on her pretty face said goodbye and walked out of the office.

“John, Mrs Jones wants you to take her dog for a walk.

And be careful not to step on the dog this time.”

“Gary, can you babysit for the Smiths this afternoon?”

“Jo, Mr Brown needs help in his garden.”

The telephone never stopped ringing, but slowly, as time passed, the office became calm again. Most of the teenagers were out helping the people of the town, the rest were by the coffee machine. Someone switched on the cassette player and William sat in his chair more comfortably and closed his eyes.


Hampton House by Jenny Dooley

William opened his eyes. A lovely girl stood in front of his desk, smiling.

“Hello, young lady. Who are you?”

“I’m Kathy. I’m new here and I don’t know anybody, so I thought perhaps I could help you.”

“You said the magic word. Help is always needed round here. In fact, as soon as Joan gets back, I’m taking the Library van to the Old People’s Home and I need someone to help with the small trolley. Why don’t you get some coffee and meet the rest of the group?”

Suddenly the door flew open and a tall, smiling girl came in.

“Sorry I’m late. Mr Tagg took a very long time to finish at the Foot Clinic. He’s back home now, so here I am. Any problems, William?”

“Nothing serious, but we do have a new helper. Kathy, come and meet Joan. She’s the manager here.”

“William’s taking me to the Old People’s Home to give out the library books – if that’s all right.”

“Lovely, but watch out! William is a terrible driver, so fasten your seat belt!…

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