Hey Diddl Diddle Pack

Hey Diddl Diddle Pack

Adorable nursery rhymes with beautiful, knitted illustrations!

Sing along with Hey Diddle Diddle and Other Nursery Rhymes! This adorable book is illustrated with stunning, knitted characters on hand-stitched backgrounds.

Children will love these charming characters that bring to life their favorite nursery rhymes.

Ideal bedtime reading for parent and child.

Download Heydiddle Nr Mobile Ebook

Download Heydiddle Part1 Ebook

Download Heydiddle Part2 Ebook

Download Heydiddle Tot Ebook

Download Nursery Rhyme Readers Hey Diddle Diddle Ebook

Hey Diddl Diddle Pack

Build phonemic awareness and early reading skills with this beloved classic! This 8-page,

Hey Diddl Diddle Pack

beautifully illustrated nursery rhyme reader is just right for little learners. Also includes teacher pages filled with lessons, activities, and an age-perfect reproducible!…

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