Home for Christmas by Andrea M. Hutchinson

Home for Christmas by Andrea M. Hutchinson

Harminda really wants to get home at Christmas. She has not been at home for four years and the separation from her family was due to a big row. But now her father is dying and she wants to see him and try to make peace. But fate is doing everything possible that would not have time to Harminda to get home at Christmas time. It all begins with traffic jams in the airport, then it turns out that her flight is canceled and all tickets are purchased coming from the hustle and bustle of Christmas – everybody flies home. She wasted no time, so she went to the car rental and discovered that there was only one car that could not be divided by the two other girls. Harminda offered the girls to go on a journey together, at the same time save on the rent. The girls agreed and they immediately hit the road, but the one they didn’t know was that this car was reserved for the special customers…

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Home for Christmas by Andrea M. Hutchinson

Harminda looked at her watch and then at the traffic outside. The airport was 10 kilometres away and it was already 5.15 p.m.

‘Isn’t there a quicker way to get to the airport? My plane leaves in less than two hours,’ she asked the taxi driver.

‘Are you going home for Christmas?’ he smiled. The taxi was full of decorations; there was green tinsel on the steering wheel and mistletoe under the mirror.

‘Yes…’ said Harminda. But there was no Christmas spirit in her voice.

Harminda looked out of the window, trying not to cry. She remembered the phone call from her Mum earlier that day. She missed her parents so much.

Their argument, four years ago, seemed stupid now. Thirty minutes later, they arrived at Galway airport.

‘How much is it?’ she asked.

Home for Christmas by Andrea M. Hutchinson

‘Fifteen euros for you, sweetheart,’ said the taxi driver with a smile.

Harminda gave him a twenty-euro note and got quickly out of the taxi.

‘Don’t forget your change…’ shouted the taxi driver, with a five-euro note in his hand, but Harminda was already inside the airport terminal.

There were a lot of people, and Harminda pushed through the crowd to look at the screens for her flight…

‘Cancelled? Stay calm and read it again, slowly. You’ve read it wrong, that’s all,’ she thought.

‘Flight ZXY 247… destination, London Stansted… cancelled!’

All flights from Galway were cancelled because of bad weather.

‘I’m sorry, but tomorrow’s flight to London is fully booked. Christmas is a busy time of year,’ said the man at the ticket office when Harminda tried to find another flight.

‘What about another airport? Dublin perhaps?’


‘You don’t understand,’ said Harminda, ‘I have to get to London as soon as possible. My Dad’s ill.’

‘I really am very sorry…’ the man said sympathetically. ‘You could hire a car. It’s a long journey, but if you need to get there quickly…

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