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Hunted down by Charles Dickens

This is one of the detective stories of the famous English writer Charles Dickens. The main character is a smart and attentive man named Sampson. One day he sees a strange Mr. Julius Silton in his office. Sampson begins to suspect that this man is hiding something necessary from other people. This Mr. Silton appears in the life of the main character more often. Sampson understands that a crime is occurring and it must be stopped. Sampson turns into a real hunter of criminals. The writer once again demonstrates his talent: he perfectly describes the character and psychology of the people’s behavior. Charles Dickens also gives a vivid imagery of the society of his time. The story is dynamic and the reader won’t be bored.

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Hunted down by Charles Dickens

Most people have a chance to see exciting events in their lives. I am the Chief Manager of an insurance office. I too, have seen exciting things in my thirty years of work.

My office had one wall that was covered in glass. I could see everybody who came into the insurance company. I liked to study the faces of new customers before I spoke to them.

I decided what kind of people they were before they said a word to me. I learned to trust my first impression of people.

Hunted down by Charles Dickens

The story I want to tell is about a man who came into the company one day. I watched him through the glass in my office. He seemed about forty years old and he was very well dressed. He seemed very polite and he appeared to be quite a gentleman. He was talking to one of the clerks. Despite his appearance, I disliked this man as soon as I saw him.

Suddenly the man noticed that I was looking at him. He smiled at me through the glass. Then he took some papers from the clerk and left.

A few minutes later I called the clerk into my office.

‘Who was that man?’ I asked him.

‘That was Mr Julius Slinkton, sir,’ the clerk told me. ‘He’s from the Middle Temple.’

‘What did he want?’ I enquired.

‘He wanted one of our insurance forms,’ the clerk replied. ‘He said that a friend of yours recommended this company.’

‘He knew my name then, did he?’

‘Oh, yes, Mr Sampson,’ the clerk confirmed. ‘He knew your name.’

About two weeks later I went to have dinner with a friend of mine. One of the other guests was Mr Julius Slinkton. He was standing near the fire. He noticed me and he asked our host to introduce him to me. Our host quickly brought him over. The three of us began to talk.

‘I thought you knew Mr Sampson already,’ our host said.

‘No,’ Mr Slinkton told him. ‘I followed your advice. I went into the insurance office, but I didn’t speak to Mr Sampson. I didn’t want to disturb him.’

‘Did you come to the office to take out an insurance policy?’ I asked Mr Slinkton politely. ‘Was it a life insurance policy?’

‘It’s not a policy for me,’ Mr Slinkton said. ‘It’s for a friend of mine. He asked me to get the information for him. I don’t know whether he will lake out the policy. People often change their minds, don’t you think, Mr Sampson?’…

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