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Ireland by Tim Vicary

This book will introduce Ireland to you. This country is incredibly beautiful. There are many mountains and rivers. One can see emerald greenery there. Certainly, you have heard that the Irish are the most drinking people in Europe. That they are the descendants of the redheaded Celts. You have also heard about the Irish step and the pubs. There are lots of famous Irishmen. The book contains an overview on geography, sport, history, religion, language, music, dance and wars. It includes the descriptions of the most significant cities. The material is presented in a fascinating form as an experienced teacher created this book. The author teaches the course on “Northern Ireland” at the university. This writer is famous not only for writing historical novels but also for criminal ones. His books are very popular among the English learners.

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Ireland by Tim Vicary

There are many different Irelands.

One Ireland is a country with beautiful high mountains, big empty beaches, long deep rivers. People go there to fish and swim and walk. They love Ireland because it is so quiet, and because the Irish people are so nice and friendly.

Another Ireland is a country of stories and music. Most Irish people can sing, and many famous musicians are Irish. A lot of the most famous writers in the English language are Irish too. But some people in Ireland speak only or mostly Irish.

Now look again at Ireland. It is not only a quiet, beautiful, friendly place; it is also a country of blood, bombs, and death. Between 1968 and 1998 thousands of people in Northern Ireland died. But most Irish people are not interested in bombs and guns.

What is Ireland really like? What can you see there? And what happened hundreds of years ago, in Irish history?

Turn the page to begin reading Ireland’s story.

Ireland by Tim Vicary

Chapter two

Around the island

Ireland is an island like a plate: it is higher on the outside than in the centre. Because of this, the centre of Ireland is full of beautiful lakes and rivers, and many people go there to fish and sail. Ireland’s largest lake is Lough Neagh. Its longest river, the Shannon, is 260 kilometres long. It goes through many small lakes and two large ones, Lough Ree and Lough Derg.

Most of Ireland’s mountains are near the outside of the plate, near the sea. They are not very high – the highest is Carrantouhill (1,040 metres) in the south-west. But they are beautiful, and good places for walks. At the Cliffs of Moher, in the west, you can look 200 metres straight down into the sea. The Giant’s Causeway, in the north, is made of strange rocks two metres tall with six sides.

There are hundreds of small islands in the sea around Ireland. On the Aran Islands, in the west, most people speak Irish, not English. Life has changed very little here in a hundred years.

Much of the north and west of Ireland is very beautiful. There are hundreds of flowers in the green fields, and there are wonderful beaches and lakes (called ‘loughs’ in Ireland). The weather is warm and wet, with rain and sun nearly every day. But it is hard to farm here because of the rocks and mountains…

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