Jennifer Lopez by Rod Smith

Jennifer Lopez by Rod Smith

A heroine of this story is a Latin American girl from a poor American emigrant family. She reached the tops in the show business, cinema and garment business. It was thanks to her nature talent and enormous diligence. Nowadays Jennifer Lopez is a recognized queen of pop music who drives men crazy around the world with her bright beauty. Her impressive success sets a great example for women. Jennifer’s biography is a vivid example of how a simple woman from an indigent family can achieve her goal through faith and diligence. It is a definite proof that everything is possible. Your life is in your own hands. Your fate depends on you. This book will inspire the reader to follow his cherished dream and change life for the better.

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Jennifer Lopez by Rod Smith

It is July 24, 1970 – a hot summer day in the Bronx, New York. A lot of Puerto Rican people live here and they are not all happy. But it is a good day for David and Guadalupe Lopez and their daughters Lynda and Leslie. They are happy because they have a new little girl in the family. They call her Jennifer.

Jennifer is beautiful and interesting. From four years old she performs for the family. Sometimes she is a singer. Sometimes she is a dancer or a movie star. She loves the movie West Side Story. She watches it one hundred times. In West Side Story, Rita Moreno plays Anita. For Jennifer, Rita is America’s number one actress and dancer. “I’d like to be her,” Jennifer thinks.

At five, Jennifer goes to a school of theater and dance. In a short time, she can sing, act, and dance very well.

“But is this important?” David and Guadalupe ask. They have good jobs. They want to see Jennifer in a good job, too. For this, schoolwork is very important.

Jennifer Lopez by Rod Smith

Chapter TWO

Jennifer the Dancer

In 1975, Jennifer goes to the Holy Family Catholic School in New York. It is a good school and she is a good student. But in 1983, the problems start. Now schoolwork is not very important to Jennifer. She wants to be a performer.

One day in 1988, she says, “I want to stop going to school.” David and Guadalupe are angry. Jennifer is angry with them, too. She walks out of the house.

Jennifer lives in her dance school for a short time. Then she moves into an apartment in Manhattan with some friends. She dances in the school every day. She works well. Then she starts to look for a job.

“This is going to take a long time,” Jennifer thinks.

She is wrong. First, she gets a job in the theater show Golden Musicals of Broadway. The show goes to Europe. Then, after five months, she gets a job in a new show, Synchronicity. This show goes to Japan.

In 1991, Jennifer is back in the US. She is a very good dancer now and she is beautiful, too. A lot of famous singers want the young dancer for their short music movies. Jennifer dances behind the singer Janet Jackson. This helps her and she meets important people in the movie business…

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