Journey’s End by Jan Carew

Journey's End by Jan Carew

Tom Smith is a usual polite and nice young man. He really wants to find a job, but he always fails. There are a lot of people around, but very few jobs. The young man has no money even for food and clothing. This upsets him very much. As a child, Tom dreamed of becoming a professional football player, because he really played well. He was also a good tennis player, but there were a lot of much better athletes around. Tom thought that he could go to work in a sports shop if he was not able to become a real athlete. Unfortunately, he failed. The days go by, but he still can’t find a job. Until that moment, when Tom reads one announcement of the fair in the local newspaper. The next Saturday he goes there, spending the last money on the ticket.

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Journey’s End by Jan Carew

Tom Smith was a nice young man. He wanted a job, but he couldn’t find one. Many people wanted to work, and there weren’t many jobs. Tom felt sad because he never had money for clothes or the cinema.

Journey's End by Jan Carew

When he was younger, Tom wanted to be a footballer. He was good at football, and at tennis, too. He was good at every sport. But there were other, better players.

Now Tom had a new idea. He thought, ‘Perhaps I can find a job in a sports shop. I’ll be happy then and I’ll have money.’ But it was only an idea. It never happened.

He tried hard to find a job. He looked in the newspapers every day and he wrote letters for jobs – a lot of letters. But he never found a job.

One day he saw something in the newspaper about a fair in the park near his house.

‘That will be interesting,’ he thought. ‘It’s next Saturday. I think I’ll go. Yes, I’ll go. I’m not doing anything this weekend, and it won’t cost much.’

On Saturday Tom walked to the park and bought a ticket for the fair. It was a warm summer day The sky was blue, and the park was very pretty. There were a lot of flowers – blue, yellow and red. Tom felt happy when he saw them.

The fair was good, too. There were a lot of people there, and many different games. Tom played some games. He won a box of fruit and a book about sport. Then he bought an ice-cream because he was hot and thirsty.

‘I’m having a good day!’ he thought. He sat down and ate his ice-cream. ‘Now, what shall I do next?’…

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