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King Arthur and his Knights by George Gibson

Centuries ago a great King lived and fought in Britain. The story of this King is one of the world’s favorite legends. In this beautifully illustrated book, you will enter into the adventurous world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

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King Arthur and his Knights by George Gibson

In the year 493, Uther Pendragon became King of Britain. He had a counsellor named Merlin. Merlin was also a magician.

When King Uther’s son Arthur was born, Merlin said, ‘Your son must grow up away from the court. It is safer!’

King Arthur and his Knights by George Gibson

Merlin gave the baby son to Sir Ector and his wife. They raised him well.

When King Uther died in 509, Britain had no king. The country had many problems.

Merlin went to the Archbishop of Canterbury and said, ‘Britain must have a king. We must find one. Call all the noblemen of the kingdom. Tell them to meet at the great church in London on Christmas Day. There, God will show us the new king.’

On Christmas Day, all the noblemen were in the great church. Outside the church there was a big stone with a sword in it. These words were written on the big stone:

He who pulls the sword out of this stone

Is the true Xing of Britain…

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