Novels Pre-intermediate

Logan’s Run by William Nolan

The famous American science fiction is about the world after the nuclear world war. Let’s imagine the picture. Computer in all aspects of their lives manage people. They live in the city under the dome in comfortable life and spend their time in amusements. There are sex with different partners, plays, sport etc. Because of overcrowding, such sweet life couldn’t continue for a long time. Everybody has to go through the ritual of “Carrousel”. It means that if you are twenty-one years old you have to die. People try to save their lives, hiding from the police. Logan is one of the police officers, who catch the runners. When Logan was given a task to infiltrate in a gang of Runners, his age was changed. He has to find a secret group which helped hide the Runners and return to his life.

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Logan’s Run by William Nolan

The girl’s eyes were wild with fear. They shone out of her dirty face. Her knees were covered in blood from the fall. She had a sharp pain in her side from running. But she ran.

There was a high lovers’ moon and the night was full of dark shadows. The shadows followed her. The shadows could kill her.

When did she cross the river? Was it last night or the night before? Where was she now? She didn’t know. To her right she could see a high wall. A Nursery. May be her baby was there! She moved to the left, into the night-black between buildings. She came to another wall. She turned around. Should she go back across the river again? She had to continue but she wanted to rest. She needed to rest.

Logan's Run by William Nolan

Wait! She heard a noise. Someone was there in the shadows.

It was a Sandman!

A silent scream went through her.

She tried to climb the wall. She tried to lift her tired body up. “Please! Please!” But she couldn’t do it. The wall was too high. She fell onto the ground, crying.

            She sat there and looked at the palm of her right hand. A black flower shone there. A few days ago, the light from the flower was a warm blood red; seven years before that, it was sky-blue, and seven years before that it was sun-yellow. A different color for each seven years of her life. Now she was twenty-one and the flower was black. Sleep black. Death black.

The man moved toward her in the dark. She looked at her palm, because her future and her past were written there. All of her fears and hopes were there. In the past, Sanctuary was her hope – her dream. She didn’t want to die like the others. She didn’t want Sleep. She wanted to live. But that was impossible. There was no hope now.

The man stood over her. She didn’t look up. She knew that it was the end. And so she dreamed she was not there – a criminal, hated and terrified. She was in Sanctuary. It was a warm summer’s afternoon. She was lying in the long grass, looking up at the clear blue sky. She wasn’t thinking about time. There was no time in this world. No worry.

So why did her hand move to the knife under her clothes? Why did she want to push that knife into her heart? Why?

The man pointed a gun at her.

The homer!

In the moonlight she saw the face of the Sandman – his cold eyes, his hard mouth. His finger moved and she heard the gun explode. That was the last sound that she heard. Then there was only pain – terrible, unimaginable pain.

It was the end…

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