Meeting Mrs Dumoise by Bill Bowler

Meeting Mrs Dumoise by Bill Bowler

People, who know much about ghosts, can understand this story better, than somebody else. The main character lived for a long time in India and witnessed these events. Dumoise worked as a doctor in the north-west of India, in Punjab. Dumoise was a small, plump man and married a young woman, as round and unhurried as he himself was. For some time, the couple was happy. But their happiness was not to last long. A typhus epidemic began in the city. His wife also got sick. For several days, the doctor thought it was a normal fever and a lot of time was lost. The woman passed away. Dumoise returned to his usual life. The widower did not want to accept help from any friends. He thought that he would be able to cope with everything on his own.

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Meeting Mrs Dumoise by Bill Bowler

This story can be explained by people who know about ghosts. I’ve lived long enough in India to know it’s best just to tell things the way they happened.

Dumoise worked as our doctor at Meridki in the Punjab, in the north-west of India. He was a round, sleepy little man, and he married a young woman as round and sleepy-looking as himself. After their wedding they forgot about the rest of the world and were very happy. Life in Meridki went on quite well without them.

Meeting Mrs Dumoise by Bill Bowler

But Dumoise was wrong to shut himself away from the world, as he discovered when there was an epidemic of typhoid in Meridki, and his wife became ill with the disease. Five days were lost before he realized she had more than just a fever. Three more days passed before he visited Mrs Shute, the engineer’s wife, and spoke to her in a nervous way about his trouble. She almost hit him round the ears.

‘It’s a crime you waited so long to tell someone,’ she said, and went off immediately to care for the poor woman. Seven people in Meridki caught typhoid that winter, and for fifty-six days we fought the disease and brought them back to the world of the living.

Just when we thought it was all finished, little Mrs Dumoise became worse again, and died in less than a week. Everyone went to the funeral. Dumoise started crying at the edge of the grave and was taken away by friends at once.

After his wife’s death, Dumoise went back to their house alone. He didn’t want help. He did his job well, but we all told him he should take a holiday. Dumoise was grateful for the idea, and went to the hills in north-east India, on a walking tour…

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