Missing in Sydney by Andrea M. Hutchinson

Missing in Sydney by Andrea M. Hutchinson

Three friends Ami, Lisa and Claire decided to have a great holiday before entering the university. The friends had been planning this vacation for two years. They arrived in hot Australia from cold London in search of adventures and impressions. What could be better that a celebration of New Year on the beach in Sydney? During the party Lisa discovered that she had forgotten her purse. So she asked her friends to lend her some money. Instead of a not big sum she got many reproaches form Ami and Claire that she was always forgetting her money. Lisa got angry and joined another group which was also celebrating. The beach was full of people. After the party Ami and Claire didn’t find Lisa. She wasn’t in the room of the hostel where they stayed. She didn’t come in the morning either. The girls started looking for her.

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Missing in Sydney by Andrea M. Hutchinson

‘Are you coming to this beach party, Amy?’ shouted Claire.

‘If you don’t hurry up we’ll miss the bus. There isn’t another one for an hour after that,’ said Lisa.

‘I’m coming,’ said Amy, finally coming out of the bathroom. ‘Well, how do I look?’ she asked her two best friends with a big smile.

Claire and Lisa looked at each other and started to laugh.

‘What is it?’ asked Amy, worried.

Missing in Sydney by Andrea M. Hutchinson

‘Amy, we’re going to the Christmas party on Bondi Beach, not to a nightclub,’ said Lisa.

‘You can’t stand up now in those shoes. How are you going to dance all night?’ laughed Claire.

‘You never know who we might meet,’ replied Amy. ‘Just because you two don’t understand anything about fashion! Come on, let’s go.’

There were a lot of people already at the beach when they arrived. The music was loud and even though the sun was starting to go down, it was still warm.

This was where the three best friends wanted to be.

For two years they planned this holiday. And finally, after hours of studying for exams, on Claire’s 18th birthday, their plane took off from London’s Heathrow Airport. Destination: Australia.

Amy cuddled koala bears, Lisa bungee-jumped off a bridge in Cairns and Claire made them wake up really early so that she could take photos of Ayers Rock at dawn. But they all agreed snorkelling in the clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef was the best bit. And now they were in Sydney, where they planned to celebrate New Year.

Next September, after this year of travelling, Claire was going to study art and photography at university. Claire wanted to become a photographer; it was the only job she wanted to do. Lisa was thinking about joining the police, although her Dad didn’t know it yet. He wanted her to study law and become a lawyer. And Amy wanted to marry someone who was rich so that she could go shopping all day, every day!

But now, they still had another six months left of parties and fun.

‘Mmm. Look at all that delicious food. Barbecued sausages, burgers and steaks. Let’s have something to eat,’ said Claire….

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