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Moonfleet by John Meade Falkner

In 1742 an orphan boy came to the fishing village Moonfleat on the coast of Dorset. He is the last man from a Mohune family who were once a well know and important people at this place. Once boy heard some noise from the the tombs of Mohunes under the churchyard. He became where interested, and asked reverend Mr Glennie about it. Story about Blackbeard that he heard in an answerd, shocked and amazed young man. Legendary Colonel John Mohune also called as Blackbeard, who was very evil man. By the legend, Colonel made a will where he left a precious diamond for village people but he didn’t mentioned where this treasure was hidden. So that the boy decided to find the treasure.

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Moonfleet by John Meade Falkner

Moonfleet is a village about half a mile from the sea on the west side of the Fleet stream. The village is separated from the English Channel by a lagoon and a big beach.

When I was a child I thought the village was called Moonfleet because on a calm night the moon shines brightly on the lagoon. But later I learned that the name comes from ‘Mohune-fleet’; the Mohune family were once important people in the area.

My name is John Trenchard and I was fifteen when this story began. My parents had been dead for years and I lived with my aunt, Miss Arnold, a kind but strict woman.

It was late in October of 1757 and I was sitting in the living room reading a book called The Arabian Nights’ Entertainment. When it became too dark to read I got up and went out into the street. It was a poor street because Moonfleet was a poor village, with not even two hundred people. The sun had set and it was beginning to get dark. I walked along to Ratsey’s house because I

Moonfleet by John Meade Falkner

could hear him working there. Ratsey was the sexton and the mason of the village.

‘Hello, John!’ said Ratsey. ‘Come in and help me finish this job. You can hold the lantern for me.’

Ratsey was always kind to me so I went in and held the lantern while he worked on the tombstone of David Block, which said:

Sacred to the Memory


DAVID BLOCK Age 15, who was killed by a shot fired from the schooner Elector, On 21 June 1757

The whole village was talking about David’s death. He was the only child of Elzevir Block, who had the Why Not Inn in the village. David was on a small smugglers’ boat that June night, when it was stopped by the king’s schooner. People said that a local magistrate called Maskew warned the king’s soldiers about the smugglers. There was some fighting that night and Maskew shot young David in the face and killed him. Poor David paid a high price for a night’s adventure. The other smugglers were caught and sent to prison.

‘What a cruel thing to do shooting such a young boy!’ said Ratsey, as he worked on David’s tombstone.

‘Well, I’m almost finished for today. You’ve helped me with the lantern, John, so come to the Why Not Inn with me. Elzevir needs to talk to friends at a time like this. And we can have something to drink that will warm us on this cold evening…

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