Mystery of Coniston Water by Terry Tomscha

Mystery of Coniston Water by Terry Tomscha

All mysterious and unexplained always hypnotizes us. We follow the traditions and believe in signs. The book “Mystery of Coniston Water” tells the readers about a shy and talented girl Julie, who faced the mysterious events at the camp. She was looking forward to a trip to the camp Holly How. Her friend asked her not to go there. The camp had a bad reputation because of the horrible events which happened there several years ago. Julie didn’t trust in gossip. She dreamt to make a lot of friends and have fun before school starts. Instead of that, she met an odd girl Anna, who revealed to her, what Lake Coniston Water was hiding. The authors Terry Tomscha and Peggy Albers created a fascinating story. The admirers of mystery will like it.

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Mystery of Coniston Water by Terry Tomscha

It’s a hot, sunny, lazy day in June and Julie Thomas is painting outside in the garden. She stops for a while to drink some lemonade and have a look at Teen Adventure, a magazine for teenagers.

The magazine has photos and stories about outdoor sports and there are some advertisements for summer camps and study holidays. Julie turns the pages and notices an advertisement for a place called Holly How.

The advertisement is colorful and exciting. There are pictures of some teenagers in boats and others are swimming in the lake. There are more photos of people climbing and pony-riding.

There are beautiful trees and flowers around the camp. There are forests on the hills near the lake.

All the people in the pictures are smiling. They’re having a good time. Julie thinks, “That looks like a fun place.”

She reads the advertisement. It says:

Mystery of Coniston Water by Terry Tomscha

“Stay at Holly How near beautiful Coniston Water in the Lake District. Swim, boat, climb, and go pony-riding! Visit the beautiful towns and historic sites nearby.

The food is excellent and the rooms are cozy and comfortable with beautiful views…”

“Hmmm… this is a very nice place!” Julie thinks. “And it isn’t very expensive. I can go with Diana. We can make some new friends and have a good time there.”

Her brother Paul comes into the garden.

“Hey, Minnie Mouse! How are you?” he shouts and pulls his sister’s ears.

“Don’t call me Minnie Mouse. I hate that name!” says Julie.

Julie and Paul don’t look like a sister and a brother. Julie has brown hair and green eyes. She is not very tall and she has braces on her teeth. She is sensitive and intelligent. She likes painting and is especially good at painting landscapes. She is very shy and she doesn’t have many friends.

Her brother Paul has a lot of friends. He is tall, blond and athletic. His favourite sport is soccer, and he likes swimming and boating.

He is very popular. Everyone wants Paul in their team at school. Sometimes Julie feels a bit jealous of him. Everything is easy for Paul…

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