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Open Doors by Frank Brennan

Kathy Paige was blind from her birth. The doctor’s mistake cost her sight for the rest of the life. But that was a long time ago. Now Kathy is the most famous journalist of the British radio. She was loved by everyone for the mind, and tough, but honest interviews. Political and public figures received uncomfortable sharp questions and were forced to answer them. She had a quiet and calm voice that many men liked. Kathy spoke like a strict but caring mother. Despite this, the girl was really ruthless towards her opponents. Many politicians regretted they were relaxed due to her charming voice. Kathy could not see many tricks: gestures and facial expressions, which politicians like to use. She listened to the voice. The smart journalist learned to hear it better than many others.

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Open Doors by Frank Brennan

Kathy Page had been blinded at birth.

She had been born two months early, and at that time doctors had not yet realized that giving a new baby pure oxygen to breathe would destroy the sensitive nerves at the back of its eyes.

But that was then. Kathy Page was now a leading journalist in British radio. She was best known for her intelligent, but tough, interviews of public figures and people in the news. A recent interview was typical of her style:

Open Doors by Frank Brennan

‘So, your election promise to uncover political dishonesty, does that include the bribing of government ministers?’

‘Of course. This government will not tolerate dishonesty of any sort.’

‘Would that include the money you received from foreign businessmen and didn’t tell your government about?’

‘Er… that was a misunderstanding… I can explain everything.’

‘Can you explain the government contracts given to those same businessmen shortly afterwards?’

‘Well… er…’

‘Thank you, Minister. And now over to the newsdesk.’

Kathy Page had no patience with any attempts to hide the truth.

She had a voice that was gentle and calm, almost motherly at times, which men found attractive. Nearly everybody she interviewed tended to relax more when she spoke. That was when Kathy was at her most effective. More than one politician had cause to be sorry for a careless reply to the relaxing manner of her voice.

Kathy knew better than most people how to listen to the human voice. She couldn’t see all the little tricks people sometimes used with body language and the expressions on their faces to give false ideas of their real feelings. She could only hear what they said. It was almost impossible for the people she interviewed to hide the tiny changes of expression in their voices that showed what they really thought. No matter how hard they tried to cover it up, she could always tell when a person was feeling uncomfortable and could usually understand the reason why…

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