Novels Pre-intermediate

Pig by Roald Dahl

Lexington was born in the city of New York. It was a happy day for his parents. The baby’s mother returned from the hospital and told her husband to take her for dinner to the best restaurant in the city. The husband agreed that she deserved dinner at any restaurant she chose. The couple put on their best clothes and went to have a nice evening. Baby Lexington stayed with a nanny. The parents returned home late at night. The father forgot the key to the house and decided to break the window and get into the apartment. It was the only way in, because no one opened the door for them. But, unfortunately, a police car was passing by. The officers were accustomed to shooting at the robbers. They usually got a reward for it. The policemen started shooting that night. Lexington became an orphan at a very young age.

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Pig by Roald Dahl

Once upon a time, in the city of New York, a beautiful baby boy was born, and his joyful parents named him Lexington.

The mother had just returned from hospital carrying Lexington in her arms when she said to her husband, ‘Darling, now you must take me out to a most wonderful restaurant for dinner.’

Her husband kissed her and told her that any woman who could have such a beautiful baby as Lexington deserved to go anywhere she wanted. So that evening they both dressed themselves in their best clothes and, leaving little Lexington in the care of a trained nurse who was costing them twenty dollars a day, they went out to the finest and most expensive restaurant in town.

Pig by Roald Dahl

After a wonderful evening, they arrived back at their house at around two o’clock in the morning. The husband paid the taxi driver and then began feeling in his pockets for the key to the front door. After a while, he announced that he must have left it in the pocket of his other suit, and he suggested they ring the bell and get the nurse to come down and let them in. A nurse who was costing them twenty dollars a day must expect to have to get out of bed occasionally in the night, the husband said.

So he rang the bell. They waited. Nothing happened. He rang it again, long and loud. They waited another minute. Then they both stepped back on to the street and shouted the nurse’s name up at the nursery window on the third floor, but there was still no answer. The house was dark and silent. The wife began to become frightened. If the nurse couldn’t hear the front doorbell, then how did she expect to hear the baby crying?

‘You mustn’t worry. I’ll let you in.’ He was feeling rather brave after all he had drunk. He bent down and took off a shoe. Then, holding the shoe by the toe, he threw it hard and straight through the dining-room window on the ground floor.

‘There you are,’ he said, laughing. He stepped forward and very carefully put a hand through the hole in the glass and undid the lock. Then he raised the window.

‘I’ll lift you in first, little mother,’ he said, and he took his wife around the waist and lifted her off the ground. Then her husband turned her round and began moving her gently through the open window into the dining room. At this moment, a police car came driving silently along the street towards them. It stopped about thirty meters away and three policemen jumped out of the car and started running in the direction of the husband and wife. The policemen were all holding guns…

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