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Princess Diana by Cherry Gilchrist

Princess Diana was a very beautiful woman loved by all the British. She changed the idea of the masses about the royal family. She never became Queen of Great Britain, but people called her Queen of the hearts of ordinary people. Diana grew up literally next door to the royal palace. Prince Charles was already a young boy when the little girl Diana was just beginning to grow. This is a story of her life: how she met Charles, fell in love with him and became prince’s wife. You can also learn about another serious side of Diana’s life. This unusual woman really wanted to change the whole world and tried to do it. It is a pity, but this marriage was not the fairy tale many young girls think of. She had to do a lot on her own and worked to achieve her goals. Still her popularity was huge until the last day of life.

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Princess Diana by Cherry Gilchrist

On 1 July 1961, a baby girl was born at her family home, in Sandringham, Norfolk. Her parents, Frances and Johnnie Spencer, couldn’t decide what to call her at first. They had two daughters already, and this time they really wanted a boy. Finally, they called her ‘Diana’. They didn’t know that in the future the name Diana Spencer would be famous all over the world. They could not guess how popular she would be in her short but full life.

Princess Diana by Cherry Gilchrist

The Spencers are a very old English family. They became rich a long time ago as sheep farmers, and the family goes back to King Charles II and King James II of England. They have been friends and helpers of the Royal Family for hundreds of years.

The house they lived in then, Park House, was near the Queen’s house at Sandringham, so Diana grew up almost ‘next door’ to the Royal Family. Diana often visited them at Sandringham House when she was a little girl. The Queen’s most important homes are at Buckingham Palace in London, and Windsor Castle just to the west of London. But she also spends time at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and at Sandringham House, which is in the east of England.

Later, people called Diana ‘a fairy-tale princess’. But her story was often a sad one too. Her parents had the son that they wanted so much in 1964 – they called him Charles. But their marriage was unhappy, and soon terrible fights began. When Diana was only six, her mother, Frances, ran away with another man, Peter Shand Kydd.

For a long time, the children could only visit their mother at weekends. Frances very much wanted her children to live with her. But their father was against the idea, and so they stayed at Park House with him. Other women came to the house to look after the children, but they didn’t usually stay long. The children made trouble for them – they threw their clothes out of the window, or locked them in the toilet! The two smallest children, Charles and Diana, were really unhappy. Each night in bed, Charles cried for his mother, and Diana lay there alone, listening to him. She was too frightened of the dark house to get out of bed and go to him.

But Diana and Charles were a loving brother and sister. As time went on, they often travelled by train together to visit their mother. Diana was always friendly with her two older sisters, Sarah and Jane, but they had different lives…

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