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Responsibility Interactive Mini-Book

I love this book because it gives Shiloh something to do while we read to her. This is a common thing in special education activities because it can be difficult to keep kids engaged in an activity if they are required to just sit and listen.

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Responsibility Interactive Mini-Book

This also gave us some time to work on vocabulary skills and see what words we might be missing. In this case she repeated the main word from each sentence. “Teeth, fish, hair, bed, etc.”

Every page contains an “I can…” statement to show what a child can do each day.

Here are the included statements:

Responsibility Interactive Mini-Book

find my clothes | put on my shoes| brush my teeth | brush my hair | wash my hands | take a bath | put on pajamas

make my bed | turn off the light | pick up my toys | wash the window | sweep the floor

water my plant | feed the fish | feed the dog | feed the cat

Lots of great opportunities for your child to interact with book! You can take out any pages that don’t apply, like if you don’t have a cat or a fish. We included them for the vocabulary practice and she wasn’t bothered at all…

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