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Robin Hood by Sally M. Stockton

After the cruel sheriff has killed Robert’s father and took his lands and property, young Robert decided to live in Sherwood Forest with a couple of his loyal friends. There, in Sherwood Forest, he named himself Robin Hood. John, whose brother was out on a crusade, has become an evil King of England. He considered Robin and his company to be outlaws. Robin and friends have been living in caves and training with bows and arrows in the forests of England. All of them have become excellent archers, but Robin was best of the best. Step by step Robin made new friends who were happy to join his band of outlaws. Robin decided to rob the rich and give their possessions to the poor. All of the King’s soldiers were afraid of Robin and his men. However, the sheriff wanted to catch Robin so much, and therefore he rushed to the forest alone, but soon has returned unsuccessful and ashamed. At last the sheriff made an excellent plan to trap Robin Hood.

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Robin Hood by Sally M. Stockton

Robin Hood was born near the end of the 12th century. His real name was Robert. He was the son of the Earl of Huntingdon. At that time, England had many problems. King Richard was away on a crusade in the Holy Land. He was away many years.

His brother, John, became king. He was a cruel and greedy king. His men were arrogant and brutal. The poor people of England suffered a lot. They paid very high taxes to King John and his sheriffs. Many families died of hunger!

Robin Hood by Sally M. Stockton

One day, the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham killed Robin’s father, and took away his lands. Young Robin lost his father, his home, his lands and all his possessions.

He escaped to Sherwood Forest with his loyal servants. They decided to live as free men in the forest. They didn’t want to be slaves of King John. However, the King considered them outlaws.

When Robin and his men reached Sherwood Forest, they sat down to rest. Robin Hood smiled at his loyal servants. Then he said to them, ‘My friends, Sherwood Forest is our new home. Now we are free but we are outlaws. Everyone in the kingdom is against us!’

‘Master, we are not afraid because you are with us,’ said Much.

‘Yes, I will stay with you, but you must do what I tell you. We must not become robbers. We must never harm the poor, the old, women or children. We must respect and protect them.

‘We take only from rich merchants, noblemen and fat churchmen! Here is my plan: when rich travellers come into Sherwood Forest, we invite them to eat with us. Then, they must pay for their food. They must give us half of everything they have! We then give this money to the poor. Do you promise to do what I tell you?’

‘Yes, we do!’ they cried.

Robin and the outlaws lived in caverns in the forest. The caverns were a perfect hiding place. They were warm and dry in the winter. In the summer they were cool.

They were happy in the forest. They all wore green clothes and carried bows and arrows. Robin had a horn to give signals.

Soon, other honest men joined the outlaws of Sherwood Forest: Nat, Will Scarlett and others.

The outlaws were excellent archers. Robin Hood became the best archer in the region. In the forest, Robin and his men practiced with their bows and arrows…

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