Simon Decker and the Secret Formula by Jenny Dooley

Simon Decker and the Secret Formula by Jenny Dooley

A thirty-year-old man Simon Decker was sitting in his room and trying to start writing a detective novel. He had been worked as an expert of the bombs for the army for a long time. But then he understood, that this work wasn’t his cup of tea and quitted. He got enough time for his passion – creating detective stories. Inspiration didn’t want to come to him and the writer stuck on the first paragraph. Suddenly, Simon heard a gunshot, woman’s scream and his dog barking. Our hero chased after his dog. The dog led him to the neighbor’s house. The window was broken and Simon saw a bloody body through it. The neighbor was still alive. Simon gave him first aid and called to the police. He discovered a telephone bug there. They used such bugs in the army. Who and why wanted to kill his neighbor? This man was just a simple scientist.

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Simon Decker and the Secret Formula by Jenny Dooley

Simon Decker sat at his desk, thinking of what to write. He wanted to write a detective story, but he could only think of the first sentence:

The wooden stairs made a strange noise when he walked on them; that’s how he found their secret hiding place.

Simon was only thirty when he left the army, but he didn’t like his job. He was a bomb expert. He worked on a bomb which would put people to sleep, rather than kill them. He thought this would be the best way to win a war without hurting other people. Soon, he disliked the whole idea of war.

He loved reading detective stories when he was a boy, and he had enough money to live without working for some time. So, he decided to leave the army and try to become a writer.

His dog, Rocky, was at his feet. Suddenly the dog lifted his head and listened, then ran to the kitchen door.

“What is it, Rocky?”

Simon Decker and the Secret Formula by Jenny Dooley

Simon heard a woman scream, then a gunshot. There was another shot and the sound of glass breaking. Simon fell to the floor and crawled towards the kitchen. Rocky was in there barking and jumping at the kitchen door. Simon held Rocky in his arms to keep him quiet, then he listened. A car door opened and closed, then drove quickly away.

The shots came from the house next door, Gerald Dunnind’s. Simon opened the kitchen door to look outside, but he couldn’t see anything. Rocky ran out and went behind Gerald’s house.

“Rocky! Rocky, come over here.”

Simon followed the dog to the back of Gerald’s house. He found Rocky smelling a red scarf on the ground below a broken window. The window was open, but there was a hole in the top, probably from the bullet. Rocky picked up the scarf and ran away.


Simon was about to run after the dog when he looked through the window. He saw Gerald’s body lying on his living room floor. He ran to the front door and went inside. There was blood on Gerald’s chest and on the floor next to him. Simon put his fingers on Gerald’s neck to see if he was alive, but he was not.

Simon used Gerald’s phone to call the police. He used a kitchen towel to hold it, because he knew that the police would look for fingerprints.

“Emergency Services…

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