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Strawberry and the Sensations by Peter Viney

How do you live when you are a vocalist of a famous rock band? You’re used to standing on the stage, watching your devoted fans. To feel the real glory, to create really high-quality music is your vocation. You can’t imagine your life without all these things. The next big show is to start soon. The hall is full, the fans are excited and you see the bright light of the spotlights and hear the rich sound of an electric guitar. But shortly before the concert a policeman arrives. He warns: there will be a psychopathic killer in the hall. What should the band do? Cancel the show? Or risk everything and give the fans what they are waiting for? Cindy needs to make this choice, as she is the leader singer of “Strawberry and The Sensations”.

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Strawberry and the Sensations by Peter Viney

‘… I just can’t forget, about the day we met, those days with you, when skies were blue!’

Suddenly there were no lights. Everybody stood up in the dark concert hall. They were screaming and shouting, ‘More! More! More!’

That’s the end of the show, and it’s “Goodnight” from Strawberry and the Sensations,’ shouted Cyndi into the microphone. Then she turned and began to walk between the amplifiers to the side of the stage. She ran down the stairs towards the dressing-rooms. The lights went on in the concert hall, and three thousand people got up and began to move slowly towards the doors. A road manager gave Cyndi a towel for her face. Bobbi and Denise were drinking Cokes in their dressing-room.

‘That was a good show… the best!’ said Bobbi.

Strawberry and the Sensations by Peter Viney

Cyndi laughed, ‘Yeah. Well, there’s one more show, and it’s the end of the tour. What’s the time?’

‘Nine o’clock,’ said Denise. ‘We’ve got an hour before the second show.’

‘Right. I need a drink,’ said Cyndi.

Their band was coming off the stage. They were laughing.

‘Good show, Cyndi,’ said Hank, the guitarist.

‘The singing was OK, I’m not sure about the guitar!’ said Cyndi. Then she saw Hank’s face. ‘Don’t worry, Hank. That was a joke.’

‘Oh, yeah. Very funny,’ said Hank. But he was smiling.

‘I’m going to get a drink,’ said Cyndi. ‘What do you want, Hank?’

‘Er… Ms Strawberry, can I speak with you for a moment?’

Cyndi looked round. A police officer was standing behind her. A road manager walked towards them. ‘Sorry, no autographs,’ he said.

‘But I’m the Police Chief,’ said the police officer angrily.

‘It doesn’t matter. She’s very tired. You can’t have her autograph,’ said the road manager, ‘but I can give you a photograph. Here you are.’

‘I don’t want a photograph,’ said the Police Chief.

‘It’s all right, he can have an autograph. Give me a pen…’

‘I don’t want an autograph, either,’ said the Police Chief…

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