Swan Lake by Jenny Dooley

Swan Lake by Jenny Dooley

This is a fairytale, which became known thanks to a famous Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s ballet. It is a love story between Prince Zigfried and a swan. It all has began when the Prince’s father died. The Prince was in a deep sorrow for a long time. His loyal servant Ozlowe tried very hard to cheer him but he failed every time. During his other attempt, he proposed his master to leave their castle for a walk. While they were wandering around a forest, they found a lake. A beautiful white swan with a gold crown on its head was swimming there. Ozlowe decided to kill the animal for Prince’s pleasure and shot an arrow. Prince Zigfried tried to stop his servant but it was too late. Fortunately, the arrow missed its target. Ozlowe became a stone, and the swan disappeared mysteriously…

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Swan Lake by Jenny Dooley

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a Prince. His name was Zigfried, and he was very unhappy. His father, the King, had died, and since then, everyone in the palace had forgotten how to smile. Without his father, Zigfried thought he would never feel happy again.

Every day, Zigfried sat at the window in his room in the palace, looking at the birds in the trees.

“How can they sing and fly so free? They must not feel like me.”

His servant, Ozlowe, tried to make the prince smile by telling him jokes or doing funny tricks for him. But the Prince would not smile.

“I know you love me Ozlowe, but I cannot smile. My heart is broken.”

Ozlowe would not give up.

Swan Lake by Jenny Dooley

“Let’s go for a walk, good Prince. Maybe we can find something outside which will make you happy.”

“If you wish Ozlowe, but I don’t think there’s anything that can make me happy.”

Ozlowe put on his hunting cap, and he took his crossbow. He enjoyed hunting and he hoped to catch a bird or a rabbit for the Prince.

They walked through the forest until they came to a lake. On the lake there was a beautiful white swan. It had a gold crown on its head, that only Princesses wear. The swan swam towards the prince and looked into his eyes. The swan’s eyes were so sad that Prince Zigfried felt sorry for it.

“Here is a creature which feels worse than I do. But why do you have that crown on your head?”

The swan opened its wings and cried out.

“I think it’s trying to tell me something.”

Ozlowe had his crossbow in his hands. He wanted to shoot the swan.

“I’ll get that swan for you. Prince. Just one minute.”

“Ozlowe, no!”

Before Ozlowe could shoot, a magic owl flew from a tree and took Ozlowe’s cap off his head. This cast a spell on him, and he was turned to stone. The Prince did not understand.

“Ozlowe, what has happened to you? Speak to me!”

He looked back at the lake. The swan was gone.

“Everything I do goes wrong. This must have happened because of me!”

The Prince returned to the palace sadder than before, thinking to himself:

“If only Ozlowe were here! There is nothing good in my life any more”.

Zigfried’s mother came to see him that night. She had something important to say.

“Zigfried, soon you will be eighteen years old. You must take your father’s place as King. I am having a ball on your birthday so that you may choose a wife, and I will invite all the princesses from the other kingdoms.”…

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